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4431 Neck Rd., Huntersville, 704/875-3113,

HOURS: Mon.-Fri. by appointment

COST: $6 adults, $5 seniors, $4 children 6-17, free children under 5

Not much has changed at Rural Hill Farm since it was opened in 1766. There are eight original structures remaining on the 265-acre working farm, including a smokehouse, ash house, well house, barn, chicken shed, and the ruins of the original plantation home. The property was originally the estate of Major John Davidson and his wife, Violet Wilson Davidson, and called Rural Retreat. It was known as one of the jewels of the Catawba River Valley. Davidson served in the American Revolution and was one of the original signers of the Mecklenburg County Declaration of Independence. He was one of the major plantation owners in the United States and owned 26 slaves second only to the number of slaves owned by Thomas Polk and John Springs. Davidson is buried in the Rural Hill Burying Ground, a small cemetery on the property.

The first house on the property was a two-room log cabin. Over time, it was expanded to eight rooms. In 1788, a two-story Georgian mansion was built on the hill and hailed as one of the finest plantation homes in the area. The mansion was lost in a fire in 1886 and the original log cabin burned down in 1896. The remains of the log home are still on-site; a replica of the original plantation home has been built and is now a museum. Two original oneroom schoolhouses serve as educational interpretive centers of early American education. Rural Hill Farm hosts several special events, such as living-history demonstrations, sheepdog trials, the Scottish Festival, and Highland Games. There are numerous hiking trails and interpretive exhibits on-site.

To speak, in conclusion, only of what has been Ethiopia Map Tourist Attractions done during this hurried voyage, their Highnesses will see that I can give them as much gold Ethiopia Map Tourist Attractions as they desire, if they will give me a little assistance, spices, cotton, as much as their Highnesses may command to be shipped, and mastic as much as their Highnesses choose to send for, which until now has only been found in Greece, in the isle of Chios, and the Signoria can get its own price for it; as much lign-aloe as they command to be shipped, and as many slaves as they choose to send for, all heathens. I think I have found rhubarb and cinnamon. Many other things of value will be discovered by the men I left behind me, as I stayed nowhere when the wind allowed me to pursue my voyage, except in the City of Navidad, which I left fortified and safe. Indeed, I might have accomplished much more, had the crews served me as they ought to have done. The eternal and almighty God, our Lord, it is Who gives to all who walk in His way, victory over things apparently impossible, and in this case signally so, because although these lands had been imagined and talked of before they were seen, most men listened incredulously to what was thought to be but an idle tale. But our Redeemer has given victory to our most illustrious King and Queen, and to their Kingdoms rendered famous by this glorious event, at which all Christendom should rejoice, celebrating it with great festivities and solemn Thanksgivings to the Holy Trinity, with fervent prayers for the high distinction that will accrue to them from turning so many peoples to our holy faith; and also from the temporal benefits that not only Spain but all Christian nations will obtain. Thus I record. What has happened in a brief note written on board the Caravel, off the Canary Isles, on the 15th of February, 1493.

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