Zeitgeist Gallery US Map & Phone & Address

Zeitgeist Gallery US Map & Phone & Address

312 Broadway, Cambridge; (617)623-1065

Zeitgeist: a German word referring to current trends of thought or feeling (Mine does his research!). The gallery’s name is a tip-off to the progressive, and often zany, works on display. Recently, visitors here found Pictures Worth a Thousand Chords, a collection of visual art works by local rock singers. That should give you an idea of the inclusive and imaginative ethos running this place.

Plenty of solo exhibitions line the schedule, too, featuring sculpture, drawings, and art installations. Why, some of this art even moves’. A show of locally made animated films was a recent hit This tiny gallery is located between Central and Inman Squares; admission is free, although the owners admitted they wouldn’t turn down a donation. Gallery hours are Wednesdays through Sundays from 2 to 7 p.m.

Zeitgeist Gallery US Map & Phone & Address Photo Gallery

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