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89 Pleasant St, South Natick; (508) 655-4294 Just a few winding miles south of downtown Natick, you make a turn into what ought to be yet another suburban driveway and suddenly, you’re out in the country. The Marino Lookout Farm is, in fact, one of the oldest continually operated farms in the U.S. established in 1680 (!) and still busy. Today, it sells produce and plants, both wholesale and retail, along with pick-your-own fruits and vegetables; it’s also a mini-zoo, with all manner of farm animals creatures you can see up close.

As for the animals, these include deer, sheep, goats, pigs, and even llamas. There are also pens with exotic birds. Crossword puzzle fans can finally see what an emu actually looks like. Take the mile-or-two walking tour over hills, past ponds, and through bams. Have lunch your own, or something from the shop at a picnic table or under a tree. There’s no charge to walk the grounds; We want this to be a family place, where people can spend a day in the country’, says farm manager Mark Harmon.

On weekends in the fall, they hitch up a tractor and wagon, and give hayrides for a dollar. At any time from June through October, you can also call ahead to arrange for a guided hayride tour of the farm, stopping to learn about all of the animals, for just $3 a person. It’s a great idea for birthday parties.

In June, you can get in on the act by picking your own strawberries; in September and October, pick apples and raspberries. A pavilion sells fresh cider and apple pies, too. Why, you can even pick tomatoes, broccoli, and eggplant in season; call the U-Pick Line at (508) 653-0653 to find out what’s available when. The farm is open daily all year round; call them for directions, seasonal hours and activities.

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