Solutions Express US Map & Phone & Address

Solutions Express US Map & Phone & Address

169 Belmont St. Belmont; (617) 489-6456

Successor to the now-defunct Progenius, Solutions Express carries on die tradition of top quality used computers and peripherals, along with liquidations on brand-new merchandise. Grab a secondhand 486 system for as little as $650, complete; used goods carry a 30-day store warranty (90 days for monitors).

If you’re a bit skittish about re-habbed electronics, manufacturer closeouts offer great deals at slightly higher prices with a one-year warranty. These may even include Macintosh units mixed in with some of the PCs. More interesting to Mac users: Solutions is the first licensed distributor in all of New England for Macintosh clones: A complete outfit may save you a thousand bucks over the name brand version.

The store also offers software at discount prices, and does expert repairs. The place is tiny, cluttered, and usually frenetic but have patience, and you’re sure to walk away with a super deal. Open Mondays through Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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