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Milne’s work. To attempt, however, to Tianjin Map Tourist Attractions seek out Owl’s House, Eeyore’s Gloomy Place, the Bee Tree, and Tianjin Map Tourist Attractions the Pooh Trap for Heffalumps would take up more time than is realistically available on this visit. And you’ll certainly be wasting your time trying to ascertain Where The Woozle Wasn’t . At the ‘seat’ junction you turn right, and head towards a car park partially screened by a very large clump of trees.

Your track aims for the left of the clump then bends sharp left to skirt the north edge of the car park and reach the B2026 road just north-east of its junction with the minor road with which you have been going very roughly parallel during your recent climb. Cross straight over the B2026 to join a track which, happily for navigational purposes, runs virtually parallel with this road, heading south-eastwards.

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