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Most, if not all, slow to a trickle or Guatemala Metro Map even dry up during the dry season. Then, during the wet season, they can swell Guatemala Metro Map to raging torrents and cause local flooding. Haiti’s largest river system is the 250-mile-long (402-km) Artibonite. It begins as the Lebon River in the Massif du Nord. The stream flows into the Dominican Republic and then returns to Haiti, where its name changes to Artibonite. As the river leaves the highlands, it flows through the Plaine de l’Artibonite where it leaves fertile alluvial (stream-deposited) soils.

After a brief break, the investigation continued. The remainder of our time was spent in the main theater and stage area. The hours passed in silence. Oh how we wished ghost hunts were like reality ghost hunting TV shows. Shadow people, disembodied voices and crazy EMF hits from the otherside are a frequent occurrence on TV. Real paranormal investigations are not usually that eventful. Sure wish it were.

The investigation wrapped in the early morning hours. We thanked Wendi and the Mid Michigan team for allowing us to share in the hunt and headed home.

The good lookin’ guys of Mid Michigan. L to R: Jeff, Frank, Rich, Matt, Aaron, Steve.

A few days later, Bev and I got down to the business of audio and video review. That’s when we got the call from Matt and Melanie. We heard the controlled excitement in their voices and knew something was up. They believed they captured two shadowy apparitions on video. It was on the main stage. The dark shapes didn’t appear to be reflective shadows from other team members, but they had to be sure. A return trip was scheduled to see if Matt and Melanie could recreate the scene in order to prove or disprove what was captured.

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