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Hey from Lisbon gonna go out, and explore the sea it’s a really nice day outside really sunny, I’m so the area that I was yesterday, I’m going to try, and go towards the waterfront, and just see what I find about play a really nice breakfast with pastry a pastry that have catfish in it. But it was really good. So I am at the top of the elevator I am so glad that I came up the elevator was built in 1902 was of course one of the first elevators at that time, and it is absolutely gorgeous up here, and there’s views of the entire city, and it is just. So so beautiful I really really recommend if you are in Lisbon please come up to the top if you have just gotten off the elevator don’t go down in the elevator walk over, and you’ll see a cafe where you can have coffee with this view of the city, and this is definitely one of my favorite things that I’ve done on my whole trip it was a really really beautiful just finished coffee at an amazing cafe overlooking the city if I lived here I would have coffee there every morning. So what I just found out you don’t have to wait in the line to go up to the top if you go in the elevator it’s five euros, and if you just go up the stairs then it’s one year of fifty. But you don’t go an elevator.

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But then you also don’t have to wait in the long leg for I’ve found the arch behind me -, and that was great this city is really really beautiful I got in last night, and you know as you side you punch then I pretty much have just today my flight in the morning to see the water probably my favorite things at the trip. So far, I’m having coffee like that. So I do wish that I had looked more time here then, I’ll have to come back it’s climbed at the top of this hill in promise building this is a great place to come look down on the street they’re so colorful the buildings now I am trying to find the castle which I’ve seen from afar quite a few times haven’t found the castle yet. But I found some more views city trying to get there before it gets too dark outside the city has. So many places to see and. So many good me even more abuse of a lovely little garden as you can see behind me overlooking the bay now I found this lovely place garden with you can see that you. So Peter I really have to find the castle now, I’m inside the castle actually a church Nauticus it was built starting in 1261.

But they have excavated portions from Roman back to the 6th century they are still doing excavations. But they found things from even the Phoenicians from the or castle there’s only four euros to get it you back at the apartment taking a break from exploring having some dinner and, I’m reading Lois kind of my inspiration.

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