Circle Line Beast Speedboat Ride

I want a really wild way to see New York and I’ve been told the only way to do it is to go on the Beast. Let’s go check it out. I’m ready for it, I wonder how fast it’s going to go. It’s going to be a little bit crazy, whoo! All right, this is how we do it on the beast, the louder you are, the faster we go! He’s got a water pistol, I don’t know if he’s going to get me. Ahh! You’ve got to come on the beast. It’s the ultimate ride for the thrill seeker. It was awesome, I loved going fast. It was the greatest boat ride ever, had a blast, best part of my New York experience. This is the most fun I’ve had site seeing ever! We made it guys, we made it! So, just taking a breather, and the good thing about this point, it’s actually a great opportunity to stand and get a photo of the Statue of Liberty. Pretty amazing, huh? I feel like this moment is known as the calm before the storm. Everyone’s sitting, thinking it’s a real quiet and peaceful ride, but oh no. It’s going to roar. Whooo! I didn’t bring my umbrella! This is the best time of my life, man. I had an amazing time. The time of my life! Ride the Beast. And this is the way to see New York City. This is the wild way, and I love it! Whoo!.

Circle Line Beast Speedboat Ride Photo Gallery

Circle Line Manhattan Happy Hour Cruise

Happy hour in New york, and instead of going to a bar, I’ve decided to come and party on the water, on the D.J. Dobbs Cruise, let’s go check this out. So if you get hungry on the boat, the great thing is, there’s food in a buffet! Eat up, eat up, and enjoy. There’s no cooler place to dance than on a boat. Oh yeah, let’s boogie. Show me some energy in this house. Wow, uh oh. Whoo! Getting in full party mode, and you know what I’m doing? I’m ordering myself a drink. Whoo! Get those drinks up in the air! Whoo! Party boat’s an unbelievable experience. I’ll be sure to come here next time I’m in NYC. Party on! Whoo!.

Circle Line NYC Liberty Cruise

It is an absolutely beautiful, sunny day here in New York City. I’m on the Circle Line boat, taking a cruise around the Statue of Liberty. I love being on this boat because you get a view of everything, over there is New Jersey, and right here in front of me, is lower downtown, where all of the big buildings are, the Freedom Tower, it’s absolutely incredible. When you’re on the island of Manhattan, you don’t get to appreciate the beauty of Lady Liberty, but when you’re on this boat, and you get up close, with the most beautiful woman in America, the Statue of Liberty. Being that close on the Circle Line cruise, that made it so wonderful, so awesome, it was exciting! That was a great way to spend the afternoon here in New York City, I saw all sorts of amazing sites, I learned a few facts, and the most important thing, I had a lot of fun.

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