Pozzallo: A “must go” destination if you visit Italy

Looking for your next holiday destination? Make like the much loved fictional Italian detective, Montalbano, and get yourself to the South of Sicily. Pozzallo, in particular, is a picturesque port town in Ragusa, Sicily and is a premier destination for the perfect Sicilian vacation.

The best type of accommodations for vacations in Pozzallo are vacation rental properties (for more info: casevacanzapozzallo). Why stay in a small hotel room, when you can rent your very own apartment or villa for competitively priced rates? Renting property does so much more than simply allow you more space than the average hotel room, though. It facilitates your total immersion into the lifestyle of Pozzallo. Your relaxation and enjoyment is increased by feeling what it would be like to actually live in this beautiful place.

While staying in Pozzallo, it’s expected that much of your time will be spent on the beach, and with good reason. Four of Pozzallo’s beaches have earned the prestigious Blue Flag award by the Foundation for Environmental Education. In order to receive this designation, beaches must meet very rigorous criteria relating to quality of water, safety, environmental management, environmental education and more. For a small port town like Pozzallo to have four Blue Flag beaches is a feat, indeed. In fact, of all the beaches in Sicily, only eight in total have received this designation, so Pozzallo holds half of the Blue Flag beaches in all of Sicily.

If you can pull yourself away from these beautiful beaches for long enough, take some time to see some of the important historical sites in Pozzallo. The Villa Tedeschi dates to the 10th century and was the summer home of the Marquis in this part of Sicily. Also within the historic Pozzallo city center is the Cabrera Tower. This recently refurbished structure is a National Monument and, thanks to recent work on the tower, visitors are now able to take guided tours.

Nature lovers should take time to visit the River Irmino Nature Reserve, located a little outside Pozzallo, but still within the Ragusa Province. This 134 hectare national park protects one of the last areas of dune forest in Sicily. It runs along the banks of the Irmino River and is an excellent place to see the best of Sicily’s natural beauty and wildlife. A nature path begins at the parking lot and is well kept and easy to follow. Birdwatchers traveling to Sicily are also known to visit this park, as it is a known resting spot for African migratory birds.

Another must see while visiting Pozzallo is the Piazza della Rimembranza. This central plaza is the heart of Pozzallo and was created as a place of memorial for those who have fallen in the two World Wars. 46 palm trees stand in dedication to this loss, serving as a reminder as well as a place of comfort and respite to all who pass.

Pozzallo is an excellent choice for Sicilian vacationers, from its four Blue Flag beaches to a richly historic city center, there is something to enjoy for every traveler. Create memories and live the Montalbano life in beautiful Pozzallo, Sicily.

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