I can see the stress in their eyes that is a very common scene here at airports when, you see people getting on flights think since sometimes get a little messy, but luckily with super specific yet again another clean check-in we are now boarding our flight heading to crew run hello becoming part of our routine always like if they’re not calling, you to board your flight you’re doing something wrong, you know what. I mean.


So. I’m very excited we’ve just landed here in Quran and, this is the place that. I consider to be the most beautiful in all of the Philippines.

I’m gonna be showing, you why over the next four days here in the meantime, it’s time to deal with the craziness that is finding a transport right here a lot of people shouting let’s go find ourselves a way into town all right all right using the booking website. I found us apparently somewhere very deep in the jungle we’ve been going off the path for like the past fifteen minutes with our transport truck hi Dargo welcome to Cobra and, this is our room the bachelor suite. I’m gonna be voice cracking probably for the next couple days.

I don’t know what’s going on, but just excuse that. I swear, it’s not puberty Jaime’s just dealing with that then the right now his life, it’s been a hard path few months, but Jamie’s good like the deepest voice of all time. And he’s 17 years old this was 100 Canadian with taxes in about 80 US dollars.

And the cool thing is, it’s deep in the jungle like there’s no internet out here there is a bit of Wi-Fi that, you can get from the resort, but like. I feel like we’re in a gated community a little sanctuary. I’m pretty impressed with it.

I gotta say, it’s definitely a very cool vibe how’s the brew that’s one hell of a brew bro one hell of a brew with the blended brew Nescafe not sponsored not yet Nescafe get at me we’re gonna go into town. So 150 pesos to come tricycle from here into town we’re gonna go rent a bike for the next four days get a bike like it honestly just opens up. So many doors to ours look at that beautiful sunset.

And we’re trying out this new app, it’s called jouvert jungle uber hello eyo oh my gosh voice crack what’s our mission of the day we’ve actually been slacking on the word of the day damn we took only a couple rest days we gotta learn a few words today we got my Knock chicken oh yeah we means big it means brother it means like, it’s an endearing way to say older brother salamat salamat means thank you. So three words. And we’ve been here for 14 days the word of the day has been a massive fail alright Jamie what do we got we got a suzuki sky drop it head straight over to Asia the SkyDrive has never looked.

So sexy the natural beauty of Quran never ceases to amaze me another impressive night here in the Philippines always a beautiful sunset alright hello hey. And it is now time to head off to our next hotel welcome we have just arrived here at select garden, this is where we’re gonna be staying for the next three nights, you can see here they even have their own personal transport jeepney this thing right here is like the rolls-royce of jeepneys, this is where Jaime and I will be staying for the next three nights.

And as, you can see here, it’s absolutely beautiful look at that an impeccable pool with a view oh wow this room is gorgeous yes. So spacious look at this we even got a living space in here oh my gosh yeah. I’m stoked, but, it’s not time to hang around the hotel just yet.

We’ll come back here later as the Sun sets today is all about exploring Quran showing, you the incredible beauty of this islAnd I was here about a year. And a half ago that post is one of my most popular posts when.

I went. And explored the island. and I’m just hoping today. I can bring it more cinematic justice. And ending our day off at the beautiful hot spring for a quick swim do that that’s the sound of 50 cc’s just burn away see, you at the lagoon out of all the islands in the Philippines Quran has to have some of the best roads, it’s not about the journey, it’s about the destined.

I mean, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey, you heard it here first on Lawson Blanc the only Jerry Phillip Nelson they’ve got some huge balls boli hey guys look at how they go down they’ve jumped oh they didn’t do it that’ll do yeah that’s the one Jamie, this is important the three-in-one man hello we’re trying to knock off three. And one today might be more like a two in one. I don’t know, but.

I’m in 35-degree heat out in the Sun here in the tropics nothing cools me down like a 3 mm. So just enjoying the shade are a couple of cows Wow they’re beautiful Jamie said they look like lions from a distance. So based on the fact that there’s probably about 20 bikes pulled over on the side of the road here.

I would guess that we have arrived at conception Falls, this is our first stop of the day all of it can be done using a scooter which is awesome, it’s one of the best ways to get around, you can smell all the smells, you can see the sights and, you can meet the locals to be done. So affordably we’ve rented our scooters for. I think on average about 500 per day per bike, it’s a bit more than the average price in Southeast Asia.

And the Philippines, but, you pay a little more for things here. And Quran. And yes, this is what your hair will look like when you’ve been through a blow dryer for over an hour.

I can hear it and I can see it up ahead looks like a nice place to cool down it is a hot day 45 minutes to an hour to get out here definitely worth it if you have an extra day in Quran kind of a cool thing to come check out. I mean the nice thing about it was the water was like the perfect temperature to cool down.

And there was no big rocks in there. So, you could actually swim around, you could see through the water it was. So beautifully clear and I’ve heard there’s another Beach down there that’s like 200 to get on there’s admissions to a lot of things here this one was by donation cool little day trip. And the roads are beautiful if you’re like me if you like being on a bike no matter where you’re going, this is a really cool road to check out. I would like to know why, you cross the road why did, you go back, you we will get to the bottom of this ask his friend what have, you crossed the road, you see the reason.

I cross the road is goes. I’ve got a dentist’s appointment across on the other side high five. So people know we’re having fun so.

I got myself. I’m nice serving here of chicken, it’s LeSean chicken. So, it’s actually broasted.

And we got garlic rice which. I’m stoked about it was an OK meal it wasn’t the best. I’ve ever had, but it was around eight hundred pesos for the two of us to eat.

So that’s like. I don’t know 15 us again nothing special, but now what. I’m very excited about is Jaime and I are gonna be getting on the bikes we’re gonna go around the town through like the back roads. And we’re heading to the hot spring by the name of monkeys is it sausage work dig in chicken okay my not gain full send bowls. I know for sure welcome to the hot springs Jamie give in to a hot spring before yes twice once in the mountains.

And once in Iceland man they say the best hot spring in the world. I just made that up put my stick with it, it’s great in Iceland they all smell like eggs like really bad cuz that’s true that’s all for yep Damon he’s going no eggs just laughter. So basically they built this little concrete barricade keeps all the water in, but, you can hear it flowing out somewhere, but it comes all the way out here.

So as, you guys know on this trip. I’ve been at the mercy of the winds because my audio my microphones have not been working, this is Tom. And Tory also known as TT travels.

I actually met them in Bangkok about nine months ago right when they started their trip it was extremely coincidental to see them at the beginning of their trip. And now to be meeting up again at the very end of theirs the pool is quite literally lit like figuratively expressively actually, it’s it’s like oh my gosh that’s. So cool changing colors deadmau5 is playing tonight yeah yeah at the pool only here at Quran soleil garden resort how many is that he said.

So when, you talk to this blog, it’s like, you know you’re gonna have any content that’s brilliant, this is Jamie. And today he’s going on a blind date oh yeah sure jamie is 17 years old likes long walks on the beach loves a good double-double keep it down to 20 pack of Timbits in under a minute. I have ordered myself here at the restaurant in Sully Garden some chicken teriyaki.

And shake well. I can offer the life of me find the closing clip. So.

I’m gonna do the outro here guys if you’re new to the blog hit that comment button. And if you’re coming to the Philippines. I’ve actually made an entire Travel Guide for you.

I’ve got a completely free preview of the guide just linked down below. So make sure to check that out to make the most of your trip to the Philippines. And let’s get lost again in the next one.

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