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British cuisine is so much more than bangers and mash, and today we’re gonna try some of the many dishes of this country on a walking food tour of London’s East End.

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So we’ve got a full hour walking tour which is more than just food, it gives you a taste of the neighborhood. We go to eight different establishments where you get some food, you get some drinks. It doesn’t matter if you’re a vegetarian or not, there’s something for everybody on our food tour. The first stop is at the St. John Bread and Wine. We’re gonna have a bacon sandwich. The bacon sandwich is also known as a bacon butty. That’s delicious, the sauce is fantastic. Fantastic. This is such a beautiful space.

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It dates back to the 17th Century, and today we’re gonna try bread pudding here. You’ve got to cut a little hole in the middle and fill it with custard. That is so rich. Ah, this is the stop I’ve been waiting for, Poppie’s Fish and Chips, supposedly the best fish and chips in town.

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Oh, it’s delicious. Of course this is a food tour, we’re eating lots of food but I’m also loving how much history there is throughout the walk and our guide is telling us all about the heritage of these foods, the buildings, the neighborhood, it’s fantastic.

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Well, the food is amazing. I think I came in expecting amazing food, but I didn’t expect an amazing tour as well, and the history around the food really has been so additive. What a delicious day this has been, fish and chips, curry, pork sandwiches. I’ve had the most fantastic time here in East London.

I am happy and I am full.

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