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Crosby-Manitou State Park

Trail Highlights

This hike introduces you to the rugged nature of the park from the very beginning as the Humpback Trail ascends steeply over a series of ridges. From one ridge top, you get a good view of Blesner Creek. Along these ridges, the forest consists mainly of mature white birch and maple. As the trail approaches the river, it becomes more rocky and cedars begin to show up in the low moist areas. The Humpback Trail intersects the Manitou River Trail just above a high cascade. The roar of the water as it pours over the falls makes shouting necessary to communicate. After the falls, the River Trail climbs to the rim of the gorge and the roar of the river dims. The Superior Hiking Trail, coming in on the Middle Trail, joins the River Trail 0.1 mile past the cascade. As the trail follows the river downstream, you pass stands of large white cedars. Their dense shade and the coolness of the riverside, make this a good hike on hot summer days.

Two and a half miles into the hike, the Superior Hiking Trail descends steeply to the Manitou River, while the River Trail ascends another ridge with views of Lake Superior in the distance. On the other side of the ridge, the River Trail ends and the Misquah Hills Trail begins. A spur off this trail leads to the best overlook of the hike. The blue waters of Lake Superior lay spread out beyond the sea of green forest, from which you can hear the faint roar of the Manitou River. From the Misquah Hills Trail, the route follows the Yellow Birch Trail back to the trailhead.

Like other Algonquian-speaking peoples in New England, the Best summer vacations in the US Pennacook split their time between semipermanent agricultural settlements and smaller, more mobile, hunting and fishing camps Best summer vacations in the US . Women do all of the farming, while men are responsible for hunting, warfare, and other pursuits. Before the arrival of the English, a series of catastrophes befalls the Pennacook. In the closing decades of the sixteenth century, some Mohawk communities relocate to the east, bringing them into competition and conflict with the Pennacook. 1603 A group of merchant adventurers from Bristol, England, explores the Piscataqua River area, hoping to pay for the voyage and perhaps turn a profit by collecting sassafras. The mission fails to find sufficient sassafras, though it does identify the Piscataqua inlet as a promising site for settlement.

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