The best thing about traveling is coming to a place at night waking up the next day, and seeing it for the first time, and being like oh my gosh Hey Jessica it’s Sunday morning it is April the 17th 2018 it is six o’clock in the morning every stirs are chirping do roosters chirper The Crow we’re still half asleep very tired hey I know the roosters are crowing oh Jessica check this out look we have a kitchen look at this oh yeah we have a nice kitchen on the balcony look at that we’re just gonna get ready, and we’re meeting the rest of the team at 7:00 a.m. at the lobby, and then heading to the surf again, and we’re down here with another journalist he’s with outside magazine, and then a guide from the island of Martinique to show us around while we’re down here. But I I need a cup of coffee before the next clip, I’m so tired we are a little more awake now we’re just waiting for the other guy Jonathan, and he slept in like a bad boys I like the layout of this hotel though once we get back here, I’m gonna walk around, and and show the hotel bit more. But it’s conscious like on terraces like right now we’re on the top terrace our room is right down there in that little building section morning we just got to the contest, and we’re walking down to the point break I don’t know if you can hear me it’s kind of loud with the waves. But we’re walking out to where the surfers take off on the way.

Map of MARTINIQUE Photo Gallery

But it’s such an amazing venue. So all the way back there that’s where the contest booth is, and the judges, and Jessica’s back there on the podium. But I wanted to come down here in the jungle, and explore a little bit it’s been kind of hectic too. Because we had to get here, and then we got our media passes, and we had to go to a like a little press meeting. Because we’re officially here with the Tourism Board, and the surf event to make surfing posts for the contest this is John he’s with outside magazine he’s a journalist how insane is this venue this is like other than like pipeline right yeah in Hawaii like there is no closer you’re gonna get to a surf contest than this right here over here you have the crowds reading the surfers, and then up there that’s where the judges lookout tower is, and then this is the media room over here it is hot check these fans out these fans are water mist glowing fans how does that feel we’re off now on top of the deck where the VIP section is I guess, and you can actually see the whole competition. Because it’s breaking way way out there on that point, and then the spot where we just were that’s where the surfers are like warming up cuz the swell comes in, and then it gets smaller. But right out here is the big break, and today it’s like head high, and they say on Saturday it’s supposed to be overhead like 15 foot.

But we’re leaving Saturday. So we might not see we just left the surf competition it’s 45 minutes north of where we’re staying now we’re in Tartine which is kind of a central Atlantic side of the island of Martinique. So it’s pretty far dry. But we’re back at the hotel now, and we’re just check out the pool for the first time picking legs if if you look over that way that’s the little town where the church is, and then up here is our room right there I think that one’s our room I said this at the end of yesterday’s post. But there isn’t any Wi-Fi there’s a little bit of Wi-Fi up at the lobby of the hotel. So I don’t even know if these posts are going to go up this week if not bear with us they’ll be up the week after this when we get back to Manhattan let’s go it’s just about that time not quite golden an hour in Martinique. But the Sun is going down AJ adore Jade or I know you it’s the link j’adore Jade or Martinique look at this view from the top of our hotel Jade or let’s see that’s very American of you Jade Jade or Jade or, I’m trying to show the beautiful view.

But this is pretty amazing I’ve never seen any place like this it kind of looks like if you’ve ever seen Pirates of the Caribbean that’s what that looks like right there is Jessica wasn’t too happy at the competition. So I didn’t really post her too much. But cranky who could not yet, I’m kidding, I’m not poking my pants yeah you feel better now though don’t you I don’t know I just didn’t feel well it was the traveling, and then it was hot today at the event I didn’t really get a chance to post too much at the event today just. Because it was the first day, and we’re kind of going through all the media Wow okay this thank God look how beautiful these flowers are these flowers don’t even look I mean they look real obviously. But I’ve never seen I’ve never seen such vivid colors alright we need to make it down to the beach before it gets too dark it’s not too cold I think it’s beautiful this is the beach right in front of our hotel look how beautiful this is where there well we’re almost there we’re in the middle of the jungle we’re with John, and we’re with Geraldine who is our our tour guide here in Martinique oh my god Jess you look. So good even the moss want a piece of it firstly coming towards me would you said oh my gosh you want to pee in the vanilla oh yeah hello it’s kind of bright by it’s pitch-black otherwise you guys hear that the frogs here, and the sounds of the jungle frog sex this is the spot tonight check this place out guys look at this look how happy jessica’s jessica’s like yes we’re not live jungle anymore Jessica’s having a rough time roughing it in Martinique. But look at this place gosh boughs that look for looks could kill first drink of rum in the Caribbean oh good focus it on it is a caravan Durban Disney World Caribbean how do you say it Ruby Caribbean yeah if you’re a pirate at Disneyworld if I were in the Caribbean then for a super rum cheers becomes bigger Wow you could try this I mean like Rome that much this is let’s try can you smell them lately this sounds good the grated coconut on top of the blush then you have the coconut, and lemon zest moist cake on the side I see I came, and walk out of here, I’m so full that rum though that rum we walk out of the restaurant, and we’re walking them the dark road again like Jessica you have to watch out for the velociraptors.

Because there’s no joke this place reminds me of Jurassic Park like if there was a real Jurassic Park it would be this place we just had an amazing dinner at that restaurant some of the best food I’ve ever had the seafood the the vegetables the fruit – rum Alcala we bond the weed this birds are so loud are they birds are the frogs ha. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less, and live their passion if you guys liked the first post here in Martinique give the post a thumbs up leave us a comment down below, and we will see you tomorrow we’re losing kind of the time already down here. But what see you guys tomorrow good night everyone Oh.

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