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It makes them docile and obedient. The kindergarten takes over Baotou Subway Map the role of a parent, teaching infants how to brush their teeth and taking care that Baotou Subway Map their every moment is filled with organised activities. Throughout school life there will be activities, leaving no time for loafing around and wandering the streets. It’s easy to keep tabs on individuals through the neighbourhood and street committees, whose concern is people’s welfare. If they feel that a youngster is turning delinquent they will report it, to give the boy a chance to reform. It’s seen as being for his own good.

Transience: Acceleration, movement and density

Increasingly one is born urban, born transient’ (McCormick 2009: 17) within a conceptual framework that aligns perceptions of world with the idea of city. Understandings of what used to be the city’ (Koolhaas 2001: 19) are challenged, as are perceptions of self. Transience re-conceptualizes the city from an understanding of separate city connections or even networked connections, to an awareness of collective urban consciousness that grows out of all urban experience defined here as urbaness’ (McCormick 2009: 30). As the urban world is rapidly compressed, movement as both physical and virtual mobility and density is an everyday experience and, as such, has become as significant as space and time in reconfiguring the notion of city and belonging. The experience of compression brought about by the first trains in the nineteenth century and the first planes in the early twentieth century drew cities closer together while also expanding the individual’s sense of connection, not only physically but also mentally. Today, the experience of instantaneous satellite connection means that connectivity is created through the click of a computer or the ring of a mobile phone, as Google, Skype, Twitter, Tumblr crisscross a virtually-borderless planet. While recognizing that not all of the earth’s population can necessarily move with physical or virtual ease and for some mobility is a necessity, it is the understanding of the impact of increased mind mobility that is at issue here. Such a constantly emergent state, moving from one temporary configuration to another, may be considered as a product of an urban world and impacts on all its inhabitants. Images and sounds connect in a dense multiplicity of layered transient alignments, more often than not arrhythmic in character. World = City can be re-imagined again as World = The Transient City’ (McCormick 2009: 20).

It is important here to note that transience is an integral part of the urban condition. In today’s context, what differs is its acceleration. Looking back, one has only to think of the nineteenth-century poet Charles Baudelaire’s understanding of urban modernity within the context of the city as transient, fleeting and contingent in his influential 1863 essay, Le peintre de la vie moderne/The Painter of Modern Life (1964). Baudelaire says that one should not despise this transitory fleeting element and indeed my argument builds on this idea. The uniqueness of today’s transience is that it now has a global context that is embedded in urbaness to the point that it can be argued that there is a love of transitory elements that.

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