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The path through the field is unclear; you need to Vancouver Map Tourist Attractions aim for the far right-hand corner of the field as you look at it, and Vancouver Map Tourist Attractions as you approach the wood at the end of it, you will clearly see the stile giving you access to the wood. Still heading south-eastwards, you follow a clear, albeit narrow, path through the wood, and on emerging from it, swing southwards and continue forward on an obvious path through a field, going slightly downhill. Shortly you reach a T-junction with a broader track, and you turn left to follow this track. This marks the end of rather fiddly field-path walking you have had to endure since leaving Harting Down, and you can be reassured that route-finding for the rest of the walk is much easier. This will come as pleasant news to those of you whose last reserves of mental energy drained away with the last supplies of blackcurrant Ribena in the porch of Up Marden Church. The track proceeds confidently ahead south-eastwards, towards a large area of woodland.

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