Casa Guadalupe Center

Casa Guadalupe is a nonprofit, community-based organization established in 1969 to meet the needs of Latino residents in the Lehigh Valley. It offers services for children, youth, adults, and elderly residents in the areas of health, education, and social service. The center works in partnership with other organizations in the community to promote economic empowerment, social mobility, and the civic participation of all residents of the Lehigh Valley. Its programs include the Summer Youth Reading and Writing Camp, the Garden Mosaic Program (intended to involve children in community gardens), and the Mini-Society Program (designed to teach youth about teamwork, decision making, and entrepreneurship).

Casa Guadalupe Center Photo Gallery

 Trevor and I both instinctively grabbed his feet and pulled him back on board. We asked what he thought he was trying to do and he mumbled that he was going to swim to the inflatable with the rope, which by this time was being pounded and clattered up and down on top of the Knavestone amidst a mass of foaming water. Their bewildered colleagues, still struggling with the anchor, could only look on in horror and Clayton then realised both how stupid and how lucky he had been. What would have happened to him had he tried to swim in those conditions, and especially without any fins on, did not bear thinking about. All we could do was to motor over to the other side of the Knavestone and wait and hope. They took a real bad pounding as the boat and its occupants were clattered up and down and spun round and round at the mercy of the huge rollers, but fortunately they made it over to the other side in one piece. The outboard engine’s bottom leg was badly damaged, as was the floor of the inflatable, but they were alive and that was the main thing. We threw them a rope and towed the boat over to their mates, then helped them free the anchor. We had not realised it at the time but, amazingly, they both had divers down. After some ten minutes or so, their divers surfaced well out into Seal Gut and we had to assist in picking them up, which was a tricky operation with three of us in my small Flatacraft and in such turbulent conditions.

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