Safety Travel Tips For Philippines

If you have to take a taxi, don’t tell the taxi company or driver how long you will be gone and consider using a different company to collect you from the airport on your return (that way nobody knows how long you will be gone).

You could consider asking a relative to blog the return taxi a day or so before your return so that the taxi staff have little warning about your empty property and little opportunity to do anything about it.

Safety Travel Tips For Employees

It may be considered rude, but I tend not to talk to a taxi driver about anything other than the weather and traffic. He may be simply talkative, he may just be nosy, but he may be pumping me for details that I don’t really want him to have.

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If you have to use the same company for the journey to the airport and your collection after your return flight, consider doing some acting. Without going over the top make them think somebody is still at home when you leave. For example, wait until the driver is moving and therefore can’t pay too much attention to the house, then wave at your house and say something to him or your partner like, ‘Look there’s Colin, he said he would wave us off.’ Hopefully you will have said and done enough to make the taxi driver think that there is somebody still in the house. Even if he was thinking of making a visit that night, he will hopefully think again.

Safety Tips While Traveling Abroad

Don’t put your home address on your outbound luggage tickets. They are an advert to anyone at the airport that you are going abroad, and any burglars could treat the departure lounge as a pick-and-mix burglary counter.

Once again, the criminal can read you. Expensive luggage, bloged on the scheduled flight to Barbados, home in the posh district of Commuterville – it won’t take him long to spot the worthwhile targets.

Have two luggage tickets, the outward bound ticket showing the holiday hotel address, then the return ticket with your home address, that you put on before going to the airport for the trip home. (I doubt if burglars have gone international yet, so anyone in the terminal in Barbados or wherever you are going won’t be on the phone to his cousin Jimmy telling him to nip round to burgle your house.)

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