How to Travel in Copenhagen Denmark

Welcome to Copenhagen Denmark this is our first stop on our tour of Scandinavia I hope you are excited because I love Danish it yes it reminds me of Amsterdam this looks on the trucks I really want to get a Danish don’t bark oh this looks are you babe yeah so fun Byron then actually getting it never got out well instead cuz it looks and I think didn’t start here anyway so behind me we have the most photographed visited landmark site in Denmark Little Mermaid yes she exists does the amazing news take to the ice castle there’s a lot of bikes here people like to be active.

How to Travel in Copenhagen Denmark Photo Gallery

I like it it’s a good lifestyle good lifestyle choice bye so now we’re about to go into a very unique part of Copenhagen called Ksenia it is basically a hippie coffee and that’s kind of been left or well the city kai leads along and they kind of like govern themselves and very interesting huh how much will to post but there’s a fairy dragon wall behind me yes common-law all right what are that here no guns no are drugs and violence.

I’m private cars I was going no bikes colors well okay no bulletproof foot okay no stolen goods no use under flashes no sell fireworks think you can abide by that so I’m trying to be a sneaky as I can about this because there’s a lot of stuff you can’t post here and that is basically all the week yes there’s lovely mr. Poppins here no hard drugs just soft peace love happiness so kind of like no photos.

I don’t get my camera like broken so can show you that but this is some of the houses but by me you can kind of see the house that people live in here Julie here we go Oh so did some 10:00 to 10:00 in the morning and who we’re gonna go drink some beer and have a brewery tour why not Carlsberg and it’s a Danish beer here very popular very big I’ve never actually had it before so we’ll see how it compares to the Heineken one yum yum delicious not quite sure why all the breweries here have horses in them and stables I feel like I’m missing something we don’t know why thank you good it’s very good nice and it’s nice just 10:30 the working not be nice and start going up.

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