Hey Hey do you think you could stop right here to check out that surf break oh I like your hat this morning it’s six o’clock in the morning it’s the 15th of October it’s a Saturday morning and, I’m up on the top of the boat just taken in a sunrise having my morning coffee I feel on top of the world this morning I feel. So good on this trip this trip is just the ultimate energy booster it’s the ultimate mind clear it’s the coffee amazing coffee. But yeah we might be going on a long boat ride today a good for our boat ride. But before we came out to check the break one last time everyone’s waking up is that the plan though we’re gonna jump in for a little bit I think. So why not it’s a better way than you’ll see all year in Sweden. So yeah we’re just spoil.


But now it’s not Farrell, and pepper all right it’s not double overhead back, and there’s like six guys in the lineup whatever out then you have to go probably the best session we’ve had yet we went out there I didn’t post anything with any GoPro just enjoyed the surf we had waves where there’s like five of us on the same way I think today was my favorite day surfing yeah. Because I was so mellow. So relaxed. But now apparently the plan is we’re gonna go four hours south of here to the very very southern parts of the Maldives where we’re gonna do snorkelling white sand beaches you know what he think of the Maldives in the picturesque kind of that’s where we’re going now that’s mark he was killing it out there it was the kind of surfboard were just party waves, and good conversations yeah that’s all you could ask for in my Patrol this one the energy is so high today goodbyes just not you go, and this is it same vibe back to saltines you, and how was that session I hate rights normally yeah, and there’s people. But it was probably the most fun session definitely sometimes you like surf, and you focus on how good your wave is instead of how much money heaven today I think we have the right focus.

Because it was like the first day we were out there just charging to those. So hey yeah that double overhead, and like everyone’s like why didn’t you drop in on me why’d you drop me on that way yeah I saw you on the show, I’m like man what didn’t he drop in on Mike’s like go goes well they were. So you were first, and then your second then you cut in, and I was about to drop it on top of you yeah you should be really fun there one way I dropped it on you oh my god love velvet okay let’s use this session as a reminder of how we should serve yeah it’s like mess around yeah the one-handed yeah we need some breakfast we need lots of coffee I’ve already had four cups which is not good, I’m gonna actually do some exploring today we’re gonna go around. Because we’ve been kind of in the same spots for the past what is it day six I don’t even know now I don’t want to leave I might not leave just had a killer breakfast we had these little pastry type of tarts it was more or less bread coconut, and pineapple I believe he was saying, and we’re about to shove off right now to the very very southernmost point of the Maldives, and the guy’s just raising the anchors now, I’m about to set I was gonna say set sail. But we don’t have a sail. But would be the word for taking off on a boat I don’t know we’re off though smallest island in the world literally you know the violence on Instagram in America listen this island think of that, and then think of something ten times better, and that’s alright this island is a sandbar in the middle of the Indian Ocean it is just it probably disappeared the tide. But we’re gonna swim there now there’s a few people taking actually everyone’s taking the boat just kidding could you do me a favor, and take this, I’m gonna swim are you gonna swim yeah you’re going to be the hardcore they’re gonna swim yeah.

So we might loose a couple. But, I’m jealous, and the drill stop the stroke yeah they’re not oh yeah refreshing thank you one of the only pieces of vegetation on this island is this little bush I mentioned this earlier in the post. But I was recently in Bonaire in the Caribbean, and I thought hands down there was no place in the world more beautiful than Bonaire, and then I come to the Maldives thank you Miss Sam to rescue got swimmers here rescue car tourists my ex ex rescue guard is where we’re gonna go in the water now yes find the merriment mermaids from now on no more human growth sebastien Yanni, and I are going to swim back to the boat right over there if you can see in the distance there’s the boat it’s like a 5500 meter swim back on the boat survived the swim did not die is actually kind of fast as we have the wind pushing us what a crazy afternoon we played soccer right yes it’s now just about sunset it’s golden hour, and the Maldives that we’ve been jumping off the boat for the past hour we spent the whole day on that Island over there it’s just unreal there was a rainbow I think we have three days here left maybe I don’t even know. But we’re gonna end this post jumping into the Indian Ocean three weeks ago in Switzerland I said that was the best day of my life the day in Switzerland still was the best day of my life today was a very very close second beautiful beautiful sunset going down right now the moon is coming up the moon is so bright it looks like a floodlight right now. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worried less, and live your passion, and I said it yesterday at the end of the post I truly mean it live your passion get out there do what you want to do you only live once don’t really just say hello.

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