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The whole instrument is usually supported on a tripod by a Malawi Metro Map ball-andsocket joint. Civet. A collective name for several catlike mammals. The North Country Malawi Metro Map species is a member of the skunk family, and it also releases a foul-smelling musk when in danger. It also is known as a civet cat, ringtail cat, or miner’s cat because it was used by miners to catch rodents. Clapboard.

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Gradually, and with the utmost care, the towing proceeded until about 1500 hrs. The vessels were two miles to the west of Fidra Island when the hawser snapped and the Britannia IIII foundered. Captain Robinson and the eight crewmen were thrown into the sea but, fortunately, all of the men except for the captain were wearing lifebelts. The Alloa tug Yorkshire Lass quickly arrived on the scene and succeeded in rescuing seven of the men including the captain, although sadly the chief engineer, Mr David Ettershanks, was drowned. The Thames and Yorkshire Lass returned to Leith Roads. The 45 passengers were then transferred from the Thames to the Yorkshire Lass, which sailed for Leith harbour with Captain Robinson, the two survivors from the Bear and the crew of the Britannia IIII, arriving there just after 1900 hrs. From there they were taken to the Sailors’ Home, where refreshments were offered. It was later stated that when the vessels were opposite St. Abb’s Head, the officers of both vessels had observed the lights of the other ship and orders were given on each vessel to ensure that a collision be avoided. The Britannia IIII was later salvaged, overhauled and put back into regular service.

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