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As always, it was great to see them. Over the past couple of years, Bev and I have gotten to know Matt, Melanie and their team members pretty well. Experienced and dedicated investigators, they know what they’re doing and have become our good friends.

Melanie broke away from the team to introduce us to the saloon’s current manager who shared some of the hotel’s ghostly stories. We began in the bar where, during odd hours, the apparitions of children were seen. He also told us the faucets behind the bar turned on for no apparent reason. As explained, he would arrive in the morning to find the faucets on full blast, even though he had made sure they were completely off the previous night.

Next was the ladies room, just behind the main floor stairway. There have been several reports of women hearing disembodied voices or the sound of someone in the room though they were completely alone. The manager informed us this hadn’t always been the ladies room. No one was certain exactly what its original purpose had been.

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