Hello everybody welcome to my post yes Abby is now a beauty guru once again.

I like to spice up my posts. And so. I figured.

I would give, you another beauty routine. I feel like this one’s the most applicable beauty routine though because, this is my everyday travel makeup routine. So, this is literally what.

I wear every single day when I am out traveling well. I would say like 90% of the days when.


I’m out traveling first things first we gotta wash our face. So, this is the face cleanser that. I use.

I absolutely love it it is the origins zero oil deep Pore Cleanser feels amazing on my face the next thing. I’m gonna do is. I’m gonna moisturize my face um and.

I use the end zaman facial moisturizer from lush oh. I believe me using this for about 2 weeks and. I fall in love with it is absolutely amazing dab of that and.

I will moisturize like this. So the next step is to sunscreen our face now. I don’t actually have a sunscreen that.

I’m using at the moment because. I’m currently in the process of switching over all of my beauty makeup at etc products to more natural less chemical versions. So.

I’m trying to find a really nice natural sunscreen if you have any recommendations please let me know cuz. I’m not actually a beauty guru just assume that we put sunscreen on the next part. I’m going to use is the benefit pore professional, this is just gonna go kind of on mighty zones here let me just put some on that would make sense to help my makeup stay put.

So put some there put some there put some on my forehead. So yeah. So, this is the foundation that we are going to use it is the Mac Studio face.

And body foundation, it’s super light sheer coverage it just doesn’t like it just doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything on your face. And that’s honestly, it’s what we want if we’re gonna be outside traveling. And doing all these crazy things we don’t want a heavy foundation on our face put it on the brush.

And then put it on the face. And I’ll just kind of as, you see. I’m kind of going over my eyelids as well just to give that some nice foundation then I’ll just warm up my fingers and.

I will kind of mesh it all in there nice. And good now because we want our foundation to stay all day. I’m going to set it with a blocked powder pressed is basically just a pressed powder, this is a medium to dark because it was when.

I actually did have a tan. So let’s put that on kind of take my one there and. I will go.

And just kind of make it just a bit more sheer I’ll then close up my powder like. So and. I actually keep this with me all day to kind of blot little bits of oil that.

I would find my face produces throughout the day this stuff is amazing now. I’m gonna add some color back into my cheeks because we’ve just taken it all away. So.

I’m using peachy-keen by Mac. And it is a shimmer blush because. I find that when, you are outside which is like eighty percent of the time when, you are traveling, it’s nice to have a bit of shimmer on your cheeks because it just flex the light.

And it just looks. So pretty and. I will do that just put my blush on my cheeks there we go next is my bronzer again, but eight percent the time.

I like using a bronzer because it makes me look summery. And glowy. And it looks better in natural light.

And outside. So, this is by Too Faced it is the chocolate Soleil. And, it’s a medium matte bronzer um.

And I’ll take an angled brush I’ll just kind of like this and. I will put it on my cheeks like. So.

And kind of like the top bits here. And the top bits they’re just going up underneath like that a bit there we go now let’s move on twice finally. I did forget about them.

So first step prime prime prime prime this stuff is amazing if you want to know how I get crazy big lashes which you’re gonna see in two seconds this, it’s primer, it’s honestly this primer, this is by Lancome. And it is the sillas booster primer.

So let’s boys. And now while it is still wet while, it’s still wet. I’m gonna put my mascara on now.

I normally don’t wear a waterproof mascara because. I find that, it’s just blah unless. I know that.

I’m doing something with water sports or. I know. I’m gonna sweat a lot.

And the mascara that. I’m gonna using is Too Faced better than sex let’s put that on quickly well, this is what my primer is still wet see when I tell, you ridiculous lashes.

I know crazy and. I don’t curl them with the curling wand or anything. And then we’re gonna do our eyebrows, this is a Mac eyebrow pencil in lingering basically.

I find that eyebrow pencils work much better than like powder or gels when traveling because they just stay put a lot easier that’s just my personal preference what. I found. So yeah let’s draw on some eyebrows then to hold our eyebrows in place we’re using the Anastasia brow gel.

So. I’m just gonna go like that. And go over all my brows that.

I’ve just colored we are almost done guys the last thing. I’m going to do is use a lip balm. So, this is her aa lip balm it is a organic cold-pressed raw lip balm.

And, it’s really really nice. And moisturizing and. I will just basically like that hmm Wow.

So there we go, this is my completed everyday travel makeup routine. So, this is what I’d wear like 90% of the days when I’m off traveling around the world.

So yeah. I really hope, you enjoyed this post. And Abby being a makeup guru if you did.

And if you want to see more again makeup or beauty posts from me please let me know down in the comments below and. I will for sure make some of those alright that’s it don’t forget to comment for more posts from me and. I will see, you guys again in a few days time with another new post bye.

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