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Don Juan de O±ate begins the Spanish colonization of New Mexico Chula Vista Metro Map . Friars accompanying his expedition establish several missions among the Pueblo Indians and write scathing indictments of O±ate Chula Vista Metro Map ‘s treatment of the native peoples. 1607 The first Anglican parish is formed at Jamestown, Virginia. Richard Hakluyt is named honorary rector. 1614 Alexander Whitaker, rector of the second Anglican parish in Virginia, at Henrico, performs marriage rites for John Rolfe, a planter, and Pocahontas, the daughter of the paramount native chief, Powhatan.

1619 The newly formed Virginia House of Burgesses takes initial steps toward establishing the Anglican Church as the official church of Virginia. Establishment means that the Anglican Church would be the only legally sanctioned church and would be supported by taxpayers’ money. Throughout the seventeenth century, a severe shortage of clergy will plague the Anglican Church in most parts of colonial Country.

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