Travel Advice And Advisories For Tunisia

Central heating

If you are going on a winter holiday you may have to leave your heating on, so that the water pipeare protected from frost damage. A low setting will not use too much fuel, but it will prevent the pipefrom freezing and keep the house safe and comfortable for your return.

Central heating – countermeasures

Make sure that your central heating system habeen properly serviced and maintained. If it is, you can be pretty sure that it will not cause a fire or leak and flood your house while you are away.

If going away in winter, you should consider leaving your central heating on at a low level to prevent the pipefrom freezing. Thiwill also keep the house dry and fairly warm for your return.

If the central heating ion, you have another reason to get a trusted relative or very close and trusted friend to check the property daily!

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Lighton timers

While away, try to make the house look aoccupied and lived in apossible. Any action you can take to make it appear athough somebody iaround will be an extra deterrent to a criminal who could be considering attacking your house.

A number of manufacturersupply electrical timers. They plug into an electrical socket and you can plug a light or other device into them. The timerthen work off the electricity and at set timeprogrammed by you they will switch the devicc plugged into them on and off. So you can make a light come on and go off at timeyou have set.

The better electrical timerhave a battery backup function. Without the battery, in a power cut the timer could lose itprogrammed operation and stop working, or carry on working with a clock that warunning a few hourlate. That could make lightgo off and on in the early hourof the morning, which would attract the attention of criminalrather than put them off.

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