The Grammy visit great enough to eat to make beef what’s going on we’re about to leave to harbor from Dublin. And get into the big hi IRA she’s pretty soon here sister just on docking minis long dick that’s it the diamonds come we have just attached from the shore go ahead no no epic it is finally setting in why. I get it across the world basically to come sail a ship, this is real like a really magical moment right now reading these tall ship come through the harbor, it’s just.

So beautiful. I feel like. I’m reading a movie right now we’re all leaving at the same time because that bridge, you just saw that was raised it only opens once or twice a day and.

THE CRAZIEST THING IVE EVER DONE Sailing Ireland Photo Gallery

So that was the key moment to leave either perfect daily conditions right now like, it’s beautiful clear skies at the moment. And incredible wind we’re about to open up a couple more sales really exciting being here. I don’t really know what’s going on like.

I’m definitely not like as in tune as the rest of the team is here, but just enjoying spectating. And filming it all that. So to be totally real with, you the number one concern about coming on this trip with nothing other than getting seasick.

And. I’m holding up all right but I want to show, you where the boat is not right now we’re currently in the hole for like in the center of the ship that gives, you an idea of the slant that we’re on authorized borsch very good borscht we made it this morning.

I was working real hard which is Anya Anya how are, you feeling okay okay you’re okay okay. I feel like the boat is like this right now anyways it is time to eat the board Oh Justin Kovac all right. So my guard ship is about to start, it’s going to be for the next four hours.

I hit guard ships we’re going to be reading the boat handling the sails or at least attempting to. I was like talking in the next people who are basically switching off. And they’re like get the ready Colerain gonna rain it’s.

So of course gonna rain we’re in Ireland. So yeah four hours in the rain should be interesting that is that that our sailing ship is a lot chillier than. I expected.

I was expecting it to be like running from my side to side like adjusting the sails and, you know grabbing men who have fallen overboard, but we haven’t done any of that. So far we’re just relaxing. And Sun is just.

So nice the waves, you can hear everything, it’s just. So beautiful, this is a really nice moment hi. I know you’re from Moscow yeah pretty much everyone on the boat here is from different parts of Russia got a Ukrainian over here systemtm, this is Masha Yann where are, you from.

I’m from students for they Petersburg as well. I have exam after that sigh where, you from thank, you for Canada during the ship during the show and, you know. So there’s about a 15-second delay from the moment, you turn this wheel.

And the reaction of the Botox occurring, it’s a good famous fashion stock. And the key is joke in Russia development is really huge yeah by the way Dmitry is the one that reached out to us either and. I are here right now.

I have just put myself my harness. And. I’m in a class there is literally nowhere I’d rather be right now, this is like one of the most liberating things in the entire world before defeat up in the middle of the ocean right off the coast of Ireland one of the weirdest strangest places I’d ever think I’d find myself, you told me I’d be here two years ago.

I wouldn’t have believed, you. And that’s kind of a story of my life right now the things that blog has allowed me to do. I’ve just it blows me away every single day.

And I’m so stoked to be sharing this experience with sign-sign and. I like he’s one of my best friends for a reason is because we have the same mindset we, you always take the good things.

And the bad things. And we choose to focus on the positive things. And we’re both very optimistic people.

I know that like this week is going to be full of challenges whether it be being in close quarters sleeping in a tiny bunk or, you know just simply facing tough weather, but both of us have the mindset. So we’re just going to focus on the moment the things that we love. And right now.

I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else. So we are now on the poop deck. And we’re just doing our scouting shifts basically we’re wanting to make sure that the low doesn’t drift too much the anchor has been dropped.

And we’ve got a little GPS system that actually shows us where the boats moving. So that is the end of our shift we actually ended up drifting a little bit we have to run upstairs get Dmitri we’re not sure if, it’s a change of straightening out or if we truly are in a position where the anchor hasn’t grabbed onto the bottom properly, but taking care of it. And it is the end of our shift.

So we might wake up next to another ship or on the land, but, it’s not gonna be our fault. So okay with me no pokévision open huge community. So today’s rotation is cleanup duty.

And styling and. I are going to be handling vacuums, you started the new people to live with Sonia from after for 24 hours on board, it’s time to finally go back to land. I’m a landlubber Emily gee he’s founded about an hour-and-a-half funny good and, this is coca whore yeah ci HRT okay beautiful now, it’s a nice quiet little place mmm.

I miss the ground so much, it’s not moving. And it feels.

So good, it’s been a pretty bad in my opinion some points, but. I’m sure if you ask the captain he’s had much much worse he was saying in Morocco there was times where they were on a 45 degree angle because let’s see there gets really rough stable ground is the best ground one that was a really nice stop here on the flat ground, but it is now time to head back to the boat because we are now using the northern winds to go up to rua da probably saying that wrong, but, it’s north of Dublin. And, it’s actually our final port probably takes about two days again there, you guys Oh.

I’m going to enter view here guys this has been an incredible start to our journey with the Steinberg’s if you enjoyed it leave the post a big thumbs up click that Bell button. So that, you notifies in the next post goes up. And let, you laugh again tomorrow.

I could feel, you here you’re not. ?

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