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Bear cubs weigh barely a pound when they are bom and are completely hairless! They grow quickly, however, and by the spring already weigh more than twenty pounds and are able to climb trees.

Fish is the staple food in the Far North Honduras, especially during the summer, when the water is free of ice. Meals take on a gigantic, almost obsessive, importance on an expedition. By early morning you are already thinking about what is for dinner, disaissing it, and earnestly awaiting it. It is the one true meal of the day. Each person plays a part in preparing the menu according to a careful division of labor. Why the ritual? To eat, of course, but mealtime is also the opportunity to have a conversation, relax, and stop our incessant activity.

Meat makes itp only a third of the expedition diet, unless we have been able to shoot big game caribou, moose, or black bear.

Seigneur. A vassal of the French king under the feudal Honduras Metro Map system. Used in both France and French colonial Canada. Selectman. One of a board of Honduras Metro Map officials chosen annually in New England towns to serve as the administrative authority of the town. Selectmen were empowered to make appointments and judicial decisions, as well as to see to the daily administration of town business.

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