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IN WITTNES WHEREOF I the said William Penn at Philadelphia in Tunisia Map Tourist Attractions Pensilvania have unto this present Charter of Liberties Sett my hand and Broad Seale this twenty Eighth day Tunisia Map Tourist Attractions of October in the Yeare of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and one being the thirteenth yeare of the Reigne of King William the Third over England Scotland France and Ireland &c And in the Twenty first Yeare of my Government.

AND NOTWITHSTANDING the closure and Test of this present Charter as aforesaid I think fitt to add this following Provisoe thereunto as part of the same That is to say that notwithstanding any Clause or Clauses in the above mencioned Charter obligeing the Province and Territories to Joyne Together in Legislation I am Content and doe hereby Declare That if the representatives of the Province and Territories shall not hereafter Agree to Joyne togather in Legislation and that the same shall be Signifyed to me or my Deputy In open Assembly or otherwise from under the hands and Seales of the Representatives for the time being of the Province or Territories or the Major part of either of them any time within three yeares from the Date hereof That in Such case the Inhabitants of each o’ the three Counties of this Province shall not have less then Eight persons to represent them in Assembly for the Province and the Inhabitants of the Towne of Philadelphia when the said Towne is Incorporated. Two persons to represent them in Assembly and the Inhabitants of each County in the Territories shall have as many persons to represent them in a Distinct Assembly for the Territories as shall be requested by them as aforesaid.

Notwithstanding which Seperation of the Province and Territories in Respect of Legislation I doe hereby promise Grant and Declare that the Inhabitants of both Province and Territories shall Seperately Injoy all other Liberties Priviledges and Benefitts granted Joyntly to them in this Charter Any law usage or Custome of this Governement heretofore made and Practised or any law made and Passed by this Generall Assembly to the Contrary hereof Notwithstanding. Wm Penn Edwd. Shippen Phineas Pemberton Sam.

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