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I heard a squeal from Jess scale of 1 to Christmas how excited are you right now just his face right now guys Chris’s continue is my did see life here who’s gonna probably fall over I need to try this out beside you try the hot chocolate first Hey everybody, and welcome back to Denver here in Colorado we realized that we never showed you where we were staying. So now that our room is a little bit more clean oh we thought we’d just give you a Ruto which we’re staying at the Sheraton downtown Denver yes oh one of those two are we literally staying at the base of 16th 16th Street Mall to literally walk outside there’s the Starbucks, and then there’s the 16th Street walk. So it’s a pretty good location. But, I’ll show you guys around speaking of Starbucks oh yeah we also have our own mini Starbucks cafe right here we own versus.

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So yeah you can have your own little coffee station actually you should put one of these on I think these ones we haven’t tried them yet. But they’re those ones that you put the filter in, and it makes the Starbucks coffee, and they have a giant bed, and you go jump on it. So they see sizing. So that’s our bed, and then we have oh yeah our view I think cause we’re like in the heart of downtown there’s so many big buildings. So you can’t see too much weight, I’ll go back here, and kind of see. So we are in the city. But well the Sun is super bright right now, and there’s downtown Denver then if you go through here here’s our bathroom.

So we’ve got a shower, and the toilet, and the mirror, and all that jazz beer I think we’re gonna have a coffee now, and then worried oh my gosh yes I forgot today is crazy today is Christmas we found that there’s a German Christmas markets we’re gonna go to them there’s ice skating we’re gonna go to that, I’m gonna have a full-on Christmasy day super excited we haven’t even eaten yet, and it’s almost 10 o’clock. So we need to go out, and make some coffee, and then go out realize that after we went shopping we pretty much put down the camera, and watched really crappy hallmark movies at the moment there’s a town America called Hallmark, and they are playing Christmas movies every single day until Christmas, and they’re so crappy, and we can’t stop reading them they are amazing. But I thought, I’ll show you guys what we bought from the shops before we go out. So on we’ve mainly went to forever 21, and H&M. Because they’re super cheap, and they have pretty good deals, and nice stuff for Christmas. But the first thing I got was his hat it was a skill that I meant when we were in beliefs, and she had this hat on, and I was obsessed with it, and then I saw it in the shop, and I was like, I’m gonna get that one it’s got this hat, and we got this scar from patron him, and I got this jumper from H&M. So this is pretty much what you’re gonna see me in for the next month.

But I feel like, and Steven got a couple of warm stuff as well. But he got this jumper from H&M yeah get dressed the day, and you can show them. So we got this I really like the jacket cuz it looks like that there’s a jumper underneath. But it’s not it’s a lie it’s a lot, and it even has a little hoodie I really like it, and then he got this scarf from H&M I think she got everything from H&M no no forever21 was all this stuff a forever 21 Oh. So we drone after forever 21 in Australia that’s why we get excited to go shopping there he got this that what else did you get oh well I got as well a couple of other things I went, and got I got two pairs of really thick tights that I can wear under my jeans to keep me warm these very Christmassy are earrings that I think, I’m gonna wear tonight when we go to the Christmas market they’re like red pom-poms I wanted to try the new clutter all it’s not new I think this has been out for ages. But it’s the Clinique like skincare step cuz I don’t know if I want to start using it. So I bought the really cheap tiny versions to see if I want to start using it.

So I got that, and I’ve use it twice, and I liked it. So far it’s a dry skin. So I have very dry skin same as Steven, and also in Australia we don’t have Tarte oh my gosh the background looks. So messy oh well in Australia you don’t have tart. So I picked up two things that I’ve always wanted to try which is this foundation it is rainforest of the sea foundation in the color medium sand, and I’ve used it today, and Stephen said he thought my skin looked good today. So maybe it is good. So we’ll see how that goes, and then the last thing I got was this Tarte palette, and I thought it’s very Christmasy it’s called toasted, and the colors in it I also life it goes as a gigantic mirror which I can use to put my makeup on when it’s got very Christmassy colors.

So I’ve used that today which I like I think it’s really nice forgot actually yes Steve come fill me I want to show them this is my first ever full-on winter jacket I’ve ever owned really it’s from from 21 this would be more like four nights or when we’re going to a really cool places well that happy jacket, and it even has fur which you can take off if you don’t want that. But I feel like we weren’t so much shopping. But really when you show it we didn’t get that mark you think we’re really picky like. Because we don’t want to spend too much money shar-peis brother called back in every single school had these hats, and I think they’re really cool, and he keeps calling me sharp his brother what’s his name Lukas. Because I think his real name’s Lucas oh by the way my hair looks funny. Because I washed it, and before you say yes I do wash my hair normally. But then I will dry, and put some products in it.

Because today’s the day, I’m finally getting a haircut yes the boy the crazy hair. But also I wanted to share something with you guys some of you probably wondering like how do we stay sane by traveling all the time like what do you do to have a bit of a normalcy in your life, and honestly the biggest thing that makes me just like relax go back to normal life is just pretty much TV on, and just just literally it doesn’t even have to be anything good it can just be crap TV just on in the background don’t you reckon are you talking about now that we’ve got english-speaking TV yeah yeah my in South America we’ll put the TV on another English blogs. So you can just like chill out, and watch crusty okay sometimes I don’t even watch TV like when I have a house I probably won’t even pay for cable. Because it’s just such a ripoff. But it is nice just to put background noise on in the background while you’re just doing other stuff we realize that the Sheraton gave us VIP club lounge access which is not a good idea 24 hour, and it’s a proper coffee machine as well. So many buttons you want decaf good one well just on the way down, and we realize this is a way nice view of Denver if you’re booked in at the Sheraton try, and stay on the that’s has this side the left side oh you can see some mountains yeah I feel like this place is like flat, and then we’re surrounded by mountains I don’t even see snow, and some of them oh that’s a really nice photo super magical balloon was here yeah this is really nice Danbury actually, I’m getting getting used to you, I’m really enjoying this. So we’re literally on the way out we’re walking through the lobby, and I heard a squeal from Jess first of all this insane Christmas tree second of all you can write a letter to Santa Santa Claus 325 South Santa Claus Lane North Pole Alaska dear Santa I’ve been extra this year hmm clear when you watch this I know princess will not care.

But can you please buy this for her for Christmas I need to see you in a good work proper barber shop do you guys think finally finally back to a decent cut it does take a few days for the hair we’ve gotta keep the curls. But absolutely random story on how small this world is so we just went online, and just they were the top-rated barber shop here in Denver, and I just click no preference for our barber, and I found out the guy they cut my hair. Because I checked out his Instagram randomly cut this person’s hair that we went on a group tour in Europe two years ago. So random such a small world yeah let’s go get lunch either ice skating yes hello do you guys recommended checking out protein bar for a cheap, and healthy lunch, and a hotel is literally just there, and there’s a protein bar this yeah super handy we’re thinking of getting some Hot Chili sounds American riot chili for breakfast for lunch here it is protein bar great tasting nutrition kitchen looks good this you know warm me right up okay guys very exciting announcers were hiking Everest next year, and we found the perfect snack for when we get to the top it’s good it’s sugar, and we speak, and read up it’s full of sugar come come we’re not hiking Everest by the way just for the joke a scale of 1 to Christmas how excited are you right now very excited my nose is like frozen it’s so cold. But yeah they set up German Christmas markets Wow they’ve really set up. Because of myrrh in Germany they had set these up look like we mr.

by two days this is so cool just his face right now he to add to the Christmas Day with Todd ice-skating it was an ice skating rink oh yeah come on Jess to be honest, I’m talking a little bit the motors oh I think my shoes are a little bit too big this is so cool micro American can I ease reading this hobby normal Christmas. So you guys. But for us it’s just. So cool feel like, I’m in the movies right now he’s gonna escape, and then I got my ditzy life here who’s gonna probably fall over you have to pick her up okay it’s like this situated aquatic coolspot justify this like giant clock tower, and as always it is some setting it’s like four o’clock need one of these spot the aussie do you see the goddess showing you off over this for our Australian smells. So good what do you thinking we need to get a snack get two of those please, and can I get a hot apple cider, and your chocolate alright thank you thank you Texas you guys are from how is that I need to try this Apple.

So you need to try the hot chocolate first it’s so good I know it’s insane it’s so sweet this is so good try apple cider we’ve never tried it before it’s a really hot oh my god the hell warm you up own it a you know the attendant what comes to your mind when I try it my go-to smell guy McDonald’s apple pies the juices inside yawn that is like Christmas okay, and we also got fresh outta oven chocolate croissant by the way that’s the sort of uterus. So nice, and warm in there this is the time to come it’s so late now it’s quarter past 5:00 in the afternoon, and the moon is at it’s like making me a bit more sleepy like I wanna go to bed early I know, and now that I’ve had like. So Nicene the city all lit up with Christmas lights America you really do get your Christmas guys Christmas continues we just got home two little sneaky package with my name on it, and I’ve heard all about this Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory you guys recommended us to come here Rocky Mountain Chocolate yeah we’ve been walked past a fuse box we should have saved this, and give it to someone as a present oh when you watch this this was for you we like chocolate drink in a second, and some pinot noir like colorado chocolate yeah I want the one that Beck’s can enjoy no no good things, I’ll save that oh my gosh I want to try the milk chocolate peanut butter this one it’s peanut butter in it try like one with nuts in a milk cashew bed was gonna be gone by tomorrow by the way if you’re wondering where those vegan cookies land they were gone before we went to bed thanks jerison for the chocolate is super nice little dumb.

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