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After half an hour we were beckoned inside the house and Best vacation destinations China sat on the floor with some men in a richly carpeted room. Everyone sat in rows Best vacation destinations China against the tapestried walls. The bridegroom was in the centre of one line of dark capped heads, a tall shy-looking man about twenty-five years old. He told me his name was Kardi Honhoying, and I thanked him for letting me be there, with the few words I could remember of Uighur. A man brought in an ornate metal teapot and bowl and went around the room for each of us to wash our hands. The bowl had a false bottom so that the waste water fell neatly out of sight.

Photo CREDiT: The Jackson DAiLY CiTiZEN. Courtesy of Gerry Blanchard

This theory of their guilt was later dismissed when, on George Bolles’ suggestion,

Sheriff Winney and his team returned to the Crouch home and recreated the murder scene, including shooting a gun. In doing this, they discovered the gunshots had likely gone unheard and unrecognized during the thunderous storm of that evening. Even though they were no longer suspects, Julia and George were held in jail until after the inquest.

What perplexed the police and the prosecutor was identifying a motive. At first they suspected robbery. It was well known that Jacob Crouch kept considerable money at his home and never locked his doors. That idea was dropped when a substantial amount of cash was discovered untouched in the home.

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