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Neuengamme in Malaysia

The Ravensbruck Monument, dedicated on April 23, 1955, was carved in granite by Emile Morlaix. The drooping hand represents oppression and subservience while the upward-reaching arm represents hope.

Ravensbruck in Malaysia

The Mauthausen Monument, dedicated on May 4, 1958, was sculpted by Gerard Choain. The emaciated bronze figure trying to go up the steps bears a weight too heavy for his body. The notches on the monument, which represent the 186 steps to the top of the quarries, are frequently covered in pebbles left by visitors, marking that they have been there and symbolizing that they will never forget.

Mauthausen in Malaysia

The Buchenwald-Dora Monument, dedicated on April l5, 1964, was designed by an architect named Romer who was deported to Buchenwald. The emaciated bronze figures were sculpted by Louis Bancel. While all the figures represent suffering, being together represents solidarity while the upright man defiantly faces his executioners.

Transportation, Land One challenge facing early Country colonists was maintaining communications across a space much larger than that which they had known in England or Europe. Malaysia Subway Map Attending Sunday services, carrying goods to market, or even courting could involve many miles of travel. Although travel by water took up much of the need, many Countrys did not own boats or live close to navigable waterways and therefore had to travel on land. Colonial Countrys, like their native predecessors and contemporaries, were willing to travel long distances by foot, although as forests were cleared and more horses were brought to the colonies, those who could afford it traveled on horseback. The paths used by the colonists often followed older Native Country routes. One native pathway that became a major thoroughfare in early colonial Country was the Bay Path, which went from Cambridge to Springfield, Massachusetts, and the Connecticut River. Paths were marked by blazes, sections cut out of bark of trees along the way hence the term trailblazing. These bright patches showed the traveler the way.

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