Its real name is Nanyuan Rd and it’s the street that runs behind Terminal One.

We get all our curtains, sofas, armchairs and soft furnishings made here at prices that it embarrasses us to pay. It’s hard to keep that straight face that really successful negotiating requires.

The soft goods start just past Terminal One in the block between Shangbu Rd and Huaqiang South Rd. There are lots of establishments there but we’ve been very happy with Ru Yi Xuan 0755 8365 1733, Shangtian Building, 70 Nanyuan Rd. They have lots of fabric samples available. Some are a bit more to Chinese taste and they are happy to use your stuff. We use Jim Thompson fabric. Then they draw up a design. Either you take theirs or provide your own. They work very well from pictures.

Address: Nanyuan Rd, Futian between Shangbu Rd and Huaqiang South Rd.


It’s fashionable to dump on malls. But we shop in them as we suspect do most of the people who dump on them. We don’t recommend coming to Shenzhen to get great mall bargains. Go to Hong Kong for that. But malls are everywhere in Shenzhen. They’re big, they’re brash, they’re full and they’re popping up like mushrooms after rain. In 2007, three mega malls opened in three months and the pace of retail development shows no signs of slowing. Urban planners expect there to be over 20 malls by 2011. If you want to see how Shenzheners with aspirations shop, go to the malls

Shenzhen malls have two features that are unusual in other countries.

Firstly, the well-known Chinese restaurants, often on the top floor or upper floors, can be excellent. Secondly, there are often bars, clubs and pubs either inside the malls or

adjacent. Shenzhen town planners like the idea of bar streets and they think that malls are the best places for them.

The following is a selection of Shenzhen’s fashionable malls.


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