Barcelona Map Tourist Attractions

Barcelona Map Tourist Attractions


Cafe de I’Opera, Las Ramblas 74 (933 17 75 85). M: Liceu. A drink here used to be a post-opera bourgeois tradition. Hot chocolate ‚1.70. Churns ‚1.20. Tapas ‚2-4. Salads ‚2-8. Open Su 10am-2:30am, M-Th 9am-2:30am, F-Sa 9am-2:45am.

ES Mi Burritoy Yo, C. del Pas de I’Ensenyanca 2 (933 18 27 42). M: Jaume I. Not a Mexican joint (burrito here means “little donkey), but rather inviting and lively. Live music 9:30pm. Entrees ‚12-20. Open daily lpm-midnight. AmExMCV.

El L’Antic Bocoi del Gotic, Baixada de Viladecols 3 (933 10 50 67). M: Jaume I. Formed in part by an ancient first-century Roman wall. Tiny and romantic. Excellent salads (‚4.25-7.60), pates (‚8-12), and cheeses (‚10-12). Reservations recommended. Open M-Sa 8:30pm-midnight. AmExMCV.

ES Les Quinze Nits, PI. Reial 6 ( 933 17 30 75). M: Liceu. One of the most popular restaurants in Barcelona. Scrumptious Catalan entrees at unbeatable prices (‚3-7). No reservations. Open daily l-3:45pm and 8:30-ll:30pm. AmExMCV.

Los Caracoles, C. Escudellers 14 (933 01 20 41). M: Drassanes. What started as a snail shop has evolved into a delicious Catalan restaurant. Specialties include caracoles (snails; ‚8) and rabbit (‚11). Open daily lpm-midnight. AmExMCV. Terrablava, V. Laietana 55 (933 22 15 85). An all-you-can-eat buffet of veggies, pasta, pizza, meat dishes, fruit, coffee, and one of the most extensive salad bars in the area. Buffet ‚8.40. Open daily 12:30pm-lam. Cash only.

Els Quatre Gats, C. Montsio 3 (933 02 41 40). M: Catalunya. Picasso’s old hangout. Entrees ‚12-18. Live piano and violin 9pm-lam. Open daily lpm-lam. Closed Aug. AmExMCV.

Irati, C. Cardenal Casanas 17 (933 02 30 84). M: Liceu. An excellent Basque tapas bar. Keep your toothpicks to figure out your bill. Bartenders pour sidra (cider) behind their backs. Entrees ‚13-20. Open daily noon-lam. AmExMCV. O

La Coimena, PI. de I’Angel 12 (933 15 13 56). M: Jaume I. This divine pastry and candy shop tempts all; don’t walk in unless you’re prepared to buy. Pastries ‚1-4. Open daily 9am-9pm. AmExMCV. O

Xaloc, C. de la Palla 13-17 (933 01 19 90). M: Liceu. This classy delicatessen is centered around a butcher counter with pig legs hanging from the high ceiling. Meat and poultry sandwiches on tasty baguettes ‚3-7. Open daily 9am-midnight. AmExMCV. O The Bagel Shop, C. Canuda 25 (933 02 41 61). M: Catalunya. Barcelona meets New York City. Diverse bagel selection (‚0.60 each), bagel sandwiches (‚3-5), and varied spreads, from cream cheese to caramel (‚3-6). Open July-Aug. M-Sa 9:30am-9:30pm; open Sept-June. M-Sa 9:30am-9:30pm, Su llam-4pm.

El Salon, C. I’Hostal d’en Sol 6-8 (s933 15 21 59). M: Jaume I. A mellow bar-bistro serving gnocchi, chicken, pork, and fish (‚8-15). Menu ‚9.50. Wine ‚2-6. Cocktails ‚4.50. Open M-Sa l:30pm-2:30am. AmExMCV.

Arc Cafe, C. Carabassa 19 (933 02 52 04). M: Drassanes. Away from the crowds, this gay-friendly cafe serves creative soups and salads. Entrees ‚5-8. Lunch menu ‚7.50. Open M-Th 9am-lam, F9am-3am, Sa llam-3am, Su llam-lam.


Xampanyet, C. Montcado 22 (933 19 70 03). M: Jaume I. This tapas bar serves house cava at a colorful bar. Glasses ‚1. Bottles ‚7 and up. Open Sept.-July Tu-Sa noon-4pm and 7-ll:30pm, Su 7-ll:30pm. O

18 Va de Vi, C. Banys Veils 16 (933 19 29 00). M: Jaume I. Romantic, medieval wine bar in a 16th-century building. Wine ‚1.60-4 per glass. Cheeses ‚4-16. Tapas ‚2-13. Open Su-Th 6pm-2am, F-Sa 6pm-3am. 0

Si Bar Ra, PI. Garduna (933 01 41 63). M: Liceu. This place exudes cool. Dinner by reservation. Excellent duck (‚10) and vegetarian lasagna (‚8). Open M-Sa 9pm-midnight, Su brunch noon-6pm. AmExMCV.

II Ovllm, C. Encarnacio 56. M: Joanic. Follow C. Escorial for 2 blocks and turn left on C. Encarnacio. True to its name, this charming dimly-lit restaurant features egg specialties and vegetarian options with a Catalan twist. Open Su and Tu-Sa noon-lpm and 8:30-midnight. Closed 1st week of Aug. AmExMCV.

El Pebre Blau, C. Banys Veils 21 (933 19 13 08). M: Jaume I. Gourmet dishes creatively fuse Mediterranean, Oriental, and Sephardic flavors. Try the foie gras with apricots and honeyed sauce. Open daily 8:30pm-midnight. MCV. O El Raco d’en Balta, C. Aribau 125 (934 53 10 44). M: Hospital Clinic. Offers creative Mediterranean dishes. Fish and meat entrees ‚12-17. Open Su 9-10:45pm, Tu-Sa 1-3:30pm and 9-10:45pm, F-Sa until 11pm. AmExMCV.

La Gavina, C. Ros de Olano 17 (934 15 74 50). M: Fontanao. Enjoy delicious Italian food in this pizzeria, complete with a life-size patron saint and confessional candles. Pizzas serving several people ‚7.50-16. Open Su and Tu-Th 6pm-lam, F-Sa 6pm-2am. Pla dels Angels, C. Ferlandina 23 (934 43 31 03). M: Universitat. The funky decor of this eatery is fitting for its proximity to the contemporary art museum. Try gnocchi with curry sauce and raisins (‚4). Open M-Th l-4pm and 9-ll:30pm, F-Sa 9pm-midnight. Thai Gardens, C. Diputacio 273 (934 87 98 98). M: Catalunya. Extravagant decor. Weekday menu ‚11. Pad Thai ‚6. Entrees ‚9-14. Open Su-Th l-4pm and 8pm-mid-night, F-Sa l:30-4pm and 8pm-lam.

Agua, Pg. Maritim de la Barceloneta 30 (932 25 12 72; Delicate seafood and rice dishes served on a shady terrace. Entrees ‚5.50-27. Open daily l:30-4pm and 8:30pm-midnight. Reservations recommended. AmExMCV.

Comme-Bio, Av. Gran Via 603 (933 01 03 76). The antithesis of traditional Catalan food, this place has hummus, tofu, and yogurt. Restaurant and small grocery store. Veggie pizzas, pasta, and rice ‚9. Salads ‚6-8. Open daily 9am-l 1:30pm.

Zahara, Pg. Joan de Borbo 69 ( 932 21 37 65; This hip cocktail bar is a diamond in the rough. Salads ‚8-9. Sandwiches ‚4-5. Cocktails ‚6-9. Beer ‚2.50. Open daily 10am-3am. MCV.

Laie Llibreria Cafe, C. Pau Claris 85 (933 02 63 10; M: Urquinaona. This urban oasis offers a fresh, plentiful all-you-can-eat buffet (‚8.30). Internet ‚1 per 15min. Open M-F 9am-lam, Sa lOam-lam. AmExMCV.

Mandalay Cafe, C. Provenga 330 (934 58 60 17; Exotic pan-Asian cuisine, including gourmet dim sum and elegant salads. F-Sa night trapeze artist around 11pm. Entrees ‚9-13. Open Tu-Sa 8:30pm-midnight. AmExMCV.

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