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Other than reindeer meat, the Even mainly eat bread in the form of a flat cake. Their drink is tea, to the tune of three or four quarts a day per person. Much more rarely, but with a total lack of moderation, they drink the holy liquor vodka, usually after the helicopter has visited.

At the age of seven or eight, girls stait working helping their mothers with the younger children, milking the reindeer, and performing a variety of household tasks, including sewing and cooking.

By the time they’re eight years old, Even children have their own lassos of braided reindeer hide and are able to catch a galloping animal at twenty yards.
Immediately beyond the chapel, and with some relief, you Kuala Lumpur Map take the very next left, noting the pretty Ormonde Cottage on the corner, and the not Kuala Lumpur Map so pretty Market Square garage on the other side! Follow this road, passing a very good Tourist Information Office, to Market Square, Petworth’s focal point. It is the site of one of the last remaining street fairs in southern England. To your left is the magnificent Natwest Bank building. You may wish to linger in Market Square but the walk continues by your turning left up Lombard Street. As you turn left, look straight ahead at the wisteria-clad building which now houses a firm of well-established solicitors; there are good examples here of windows that were ‘stopped’ to evade the notorious Window Tax of the mid-eighteenth century.

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