Visit Canterbury Cathedral near London

Canterbury Cathedral here in Kent is one of the oldest and most famous cathedrals in all of England. I have never seen anything quite like this. It kind of takes your breath away. I mean the magnitude of this space is so miraculous. In addition to marveling at its beauty, many people flock to this cathedral, as it is the place where Archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered.

There’s a choir practicing, and this cathedral has unbelievable acoustics, so the sound just fills the space. Cathedrals like this were built and designed to fill you with this feeling of awe, and it does. I mean I’m speechless.

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Visit Leeds Castle near London

Located in the county of Kent, in southeastern England, Leeds Castle, or the Queen’s Castle, is often referred to as the most beautiful castle in the world. Leeds Castle is really fun to explore, because over its 900-year history, it’s taken on different formations, and you can see that in the styles of the rooms and buildings. We’ve made our way to the Henry VIII banquet hall. So this is where he would host his guests, and wine and dine them. The final owner of Leeds Castle was Lady Baillie, and she felt it was important to preserve this castle and make it accessible to the public, so she set up a foundation so that for eternity, we can come here and appreciate this magnificent English castle.

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