It’s hearty breakfast that always that we uh we made the drive accidently weight breakfast, and idly they give us breakfast Hey how are you good thank you Hey guys we have just arrived in full wood, and we’re gonna be doing white water rafting today money money guys you’re gonna be fun cuz it’s gonna be a bit of an adventure stuff except Steven left all that money back at our room. So hopefully we can survive today there’s no money mm-hmm Steven sorry alrighty we are all suited up.


But our paddling, and Pablo what’s its called black jacket, and we are ready to go to the river sir about your walk according to Steven about two million stairs to get to the river bed of up seven McCallum Jule well I was gonna tell Steven I was like I don’t know if I can like woah oh my sister I don’t know if I can trust him. Because whenever he tells me information is always wrong. But he says that we’re about to walk seven hundred stairs 740 stairs well Steven exactly Wow 740 says to get to the river before we can start whitewater rafting ready for a workout, I’m glad, I’m glad we’re walking down not up the scenery here is amazing looks. So pretty alright here we go one two three four elves cool though don’t you think I can see the wrath my legs are literally shaking. So many stairs 999 thousand 1 million told you the 2 million I was a little while guys this is going to be. So epic. But feel like a nice picture to the GoPro for the next bit you we survived how crazy was that very much fun I hope we got some good footage of it guys yeah we had our GoPro the whole time.

Because we didn’t want to get this camera wet we were like three hours or something what that long like an hour no way when we went under the water for the pressure of the water was in Seine. But anyway we’re drenched are we going to go, and have some lunch up here, I’m so hungry if you guys were interested we did with barley adventure tours, and we had a lot of fun it was awesome, and now they’re gonna feed us. So that’s always a bonus we’re this giant feast too much choice I feel like holiday mode has officially kicked in all of this got shaky alright a few hours of cast we are now having laptop Club we’re a cheeky banana smoothie, and this amazing quesadilla you need a try it Steve try it try it you’re going to tragic the green goo try it with the game group green goo is a ahaha. So yummy is pesto is it really hot it’s so good by the way guys it is four o’clock, and this is my first copy of the day there’s a traffic travesty dress I don’t think I can resist this looks. So good alright guys we’ve moved our way upstairs just do a bit of work before we continue with the day. But jess has brought art present I don’t even know they had to use it’s an organic raw fudge machine mmm those really good mm-hmm that sunset it’s looking mighty fine compared to yesterday’s it was so cloudy at least we can see for the blue skies today it’s like a kite-flying contest going on over there whoa there’s a huge we were working, and noticed all this smoke going everywhere, and I went to check it out, and they were gigantic fish that they’re cooking for dinner right next to the pool who were pretty cool even though we we don’t need fish.

But it was kind of a cool experience I think. So instead of having dinner over here usually they’ve set up by the way this Gong was used to call us for dinner which was pretty cool I want to track your man next time yeah. So we’re here at the pool, and also we need to show you guys the incredible Little Book Nook okay that’s quickly showing before dinner okay look at this place. So here’s the pool, and there’s a cool little book nook thing to hang out in we’ve been waiting all day to show you guys. But it’s always. So busy in here hang on, I’m coming, and look you can go straight from the Book Nook into the pool it’s cool right there, I’m pretty sure they like come to dinner. So you better go everyone’s like come to dinner enough how cool is this or other books there Steve we haven’t even been in the pool yet yeah let’s do that tomorrow contrast jump in go go go go go go Jesse never not hungry anyway back at the dinner look at this that they’ve set up I think these are corn fritters please uh-huh.

So nice though I need to get a photo in front of that good vibes they’ve got the good idea you did I did it YUM it’s so good seriously guys the desserts they have yeah it’s like a raw watermelon cheesecake it’s stravagant every time, I’m like am I gonna like it and, I’m alone it’s amazing guys we just booked in a bike ride tomorrow through rice fields, and stuff. But we’ve just been told that we have to be ready by 6:45. So it is an early start tomorrow which means it’s an early night all right let’s get good night guys see you tomorrow bye guys.

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