Rideem Elephants – Luang Prabang Laos

Then heels about a way to come to the giving arms.

I will say. So sorry to make, you absolutely today basically, this is the warning party routine for the Buddhist people. And we use the sticky rice for the monks giving up.

So we fit in the mountains. And a bit not. So luscious.

Rideem Elephants – Luang Prabang Laos Photo Gallery

And please don’t throw up or repair the sticky rice before in the world monks bed check next up. I’m gonna lose my LP writing yeah we are Southeast Asia, it’s pretty much must again like the tiger kingdom, this is a legitimate elephant sanctuary. So good times Katrine animals none of that funny business couple of features about the Southeast Asian elephant not as big as the African elephants for one their length is about five.

And a half to six. And half meters. And in there only about two.

And a half to three meters high. And usually the tops of their back is the highest part of their body where’s the African elephants usually big hit obviously the colors a bit different. And also the the lighter brown or the pink markings on the ears or on their tracks as well if you notice at the very end of the trunk of what they’re using is like a little finger.

So they have one whereas F ricchan elephants typically have two these days they’re only pretty much in the core of Southeast Asia from India through two little pockets of China, but mainly Vietnam that’s where they stop. And, it’s only a population of about twenty-five to thirty thousand left in the wild awesome. I’m pretty sure, this is elephant scariest thing.

I’ve ever done vlog me wise. I blocked a lot of weird places. So, this is really pretty good, this is experience said, it’s fun okay.

And you’re on. So how does this make, you feel needing. I don’t like.

I’m in The Jungle Book it wasn’t Dumbo. And it wasn’t Stampede. I know that different elephant.

I think that might have been a cartoon and, this is definitely real life. I’m good. I’m good.

I really am as fun as riding the elephant was. I much prefer to be in like this bench chair kind of arrangement that we have going on here welcome to the one fall yes for fall, but, it’s a waterfall mouths. And pretty much everywhere, you go allows everyone wants to get, you out you.

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