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The next section, Transforming Spaces and Experiences of Hawaii’ includes chapters by Kristen Sharp, Ashley Perry and Maggie McCormick which focus on mediating processes of art in experiencing and re-imagining the urban. The section begins with Chapter 5 by Kristen Sharp, Driving the Sonic City’, which explores embodied experiences of the city and the multiple and complex spatial interactions that define urban spaces. These processes are mediated by technologies, such as the car. The chapter focuses on the work of Rogues’ Gallery, two Japanese sound artists who create interactive performances for audiences while driving a car. The work of Rogues’ Gallery amplifies the sonic, visual, and embodied experiences of urban space to create an enhanced encounter with the city. In doing so, art is revealed as a transformative practice that enables a re-imagining of the everyday spaces of the city through a locative experience of place encountered in and through the body. This provides an important way to understand how space can be produced and imaginatively re-conceived through the everyday experience of driving.

The aesthetic mediations are located in context of neo-liberal conditions of political and economic urbanization and globalization, and suburban commuting patterns characteristic of many contemporary cities. By mapping the dynamic relationship between artwork and motorist this chapter unlocks the complex, discursive and visual qualities of art in relation to the site of the motorway.

A missionary body founded by the Anglican Church in 1701 to Best places to vacation in Hawaii spread their beliefs and win converts abroad, including the Country colonies. Society of Arts. See Best places to vacation in Hawaii Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. Society of Friends. The formal name of the Protestant denomination commonly known as the Quakers. South Sea Bubble.

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