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But sat down in the corner, fumbl¨d out his black Malaysia Map Junk’, and saluted that instead of Debb; she then turned agen to mee and fell anew Malaysia Map into her silly questions, without asking me to sitt down. I told her shee treated me very Rudely, and I did not think it my duty to answer her unmannerly Questions.

But to get ridd of them, I told her I come there to have the post’s company with me to-morrow on my Journey, & c. Miss star’d awhile, drew a chair, bid me sitt, And then run up stairs and putts on two or three Rings, or else I had not seen them before, and returning, sett herself just before me, showing the way to Reding, that I might see her Ornaments, perhaps to gain the more respect. But her Granam’s new Rung s sow, had it appeared, would affected me as much. I paid honest John wth money and dram according to contract, and Dismist him, and pray’d Miss to shew me where I must Lodg.

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