Top 5 Best Travel Destinations In The World

Top 5 Best Travel Destinations In The World

So, if there are children in your life, decide to start travelling for their sake, if not for yours. And, believe this – you will learn more about yourself and about the world because you decided to travel for and with your children; or, if fate would so have it, with your sibling and his or her children.

While travelling by yourself or with other adults can be a great and valuable learning experience, travelling with children is like adding a whole different dimension. You have extra pairs of eyes, ears, nostrils, teeth, hands, legs and feet. Plus, a very fertile brain in each child.

So, while the actual reality of travel will take you out of your normal and natural box, having a child or children along will increase your experience exponentially.

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Children will make you visit such places as zoos, museums and special libraries that you would not otherwise have thought of visiting; ask questions to find and learn more about almost everything that’s new and different; get you trying new foods and activities; and, all in all, greatly enrich your travel experience.

Flying from Barbados via Toronto to Vancouver, British Columbia in November 1970; and, then travelling via Greyhound bus from BC across the USA and via Boston to Toronto in April 1971 was, undoubtedly, enriched by having our two year old son with us.

Having him with us was no hassle. Yes, we had to change his diapers; give him his bottle; feed him his Gerber bottle meals; bathe him at the end of every 8-hour driver stint; exercise his little arms and bowed legs; keep him engaged and quiet at times; make sure he was comfortable at all times; and, that he got his requisite naps and full amount of sleep.

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