Oahu Sunset Dinner Cruise

Tonight we’re gonna hang loose and enjoy a fine dining sunset dinner cruise here in Oahu. Aloha, welcome to the Navatek. We’re gonna be experiencing the views from our Hawaii from the island of Oahu with a wonderful, delicious dinner. What’s great is that they give you a little drink ticket, so the first one is on the house. This is really good. It’s very tropical. Oh, thank you.

Oahu Sunset Dinner Cruise Photo Gallery

So we’ve got some roast beef and mashed potatoes and mushrooms. This gravy is really good. This is a special night. Check out this view, this is Diamond Head. As a big crater, this is an inactive volcano. Wow, the views are so gorgeous, but I gotta get back to dinner. If a friend asked me if they could come to Hawaii what would they do, I’d say most definitely book the Navatek dinner cruise.

It was the best ever. All right, it’s time to chow down. I am so excited, I love lobster. I feel like royalty, honestly. The music, the sunset, the views are incredible. Oh my gosh, they have guys from the audience on stage. One, clap, that’s it! Shake it, shake it! I’ve had such a good time. The entertainment was so fun. The food was amazing. The views were incredible. This was truly a special evening.

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