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Rome – Roman Forum

This post I’m gonna check out the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. This place is incredible. It’s absolutely stunning and as you can see around me, a lot of great history here as well. I am now leaving the Roman Forum, heading up to Palatine Hill, and Palatine, the root is palace and that is where the emperors lived and there’s beautiful gardens and all sorts of beautiful stuff, let’s go check it out. Right now I’m standing right in front of an old stadium where they used to race chariots. I’m so glad I made the trip out here today. This is definitely a must see here.

Rome – Spanish Steps

We’re headed to the Spanish Steps. It’s absolutely stunning. I’ve never seen anything like it. One of my favorite things in Rome is there is fresh water everywhere. You can walk down the street. You can go to this fountain and drink fresh water. It’s amazing. There’s 135 steps, which is where Romans and tourists hang out. It’s the best place in Rome to enjoy a gelato. I mean, it couldn’t be better than this. Definitely come visit here.

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Rome – St. Peter’s Basilica

Now I am in St. Peter’s Basilica. Let’s go check it out. So this is St. Peter’s Square. And it is as grand as you always see on Easter Sunday when there are thousands of people in the audience for the Pope. Wow, look at this. I am now in a sea of people, and we’re all heading into the St. Peter’s Basilica. And this place is gigantic. It’s the largest Catholic Church. No other building in all of Rome can be built taller than this dome. St. Peter’s Basilica is beautiful.

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