A must visit city in Canada

Canada One of the best adventure travel destinations in the world

Vancouver A must visit city in Canada

Canada is one of the favoured destinations by tourists. The second largest country in the world has a lot to offer for the sightseer. It has everything from mountains, lakes, rivers, glaciers, wonderful flora and fauna etc. There are many national parks where a person can go and enjoy nature and become one with it. The famous Niagara Falls is also here plus there are many other waterfalls which are equally beautiful. The Pacific coast has a lot to offer and they differ from what you can see on the Atlantic side of the country. Delightful and serene lakes are also part of this wonderful country. Cities are vibrant and they have a great night life too. Among the many bustling cities which a tourist can visit is Vancouver. Vancouver is considered to be one of the most attractive city in the world. The city has been host to the Winter Olympics in the year 2010. Many polls have been conducted by magazines and Vancouver has been voted many times among the best places to live in the world.

There are many things that a tourist to Vancouver can do, the first being a sightseeing tour using the Vancouver Trolley. The Vancouver Trolley is an iconic transport vehicle which you can use to see the best places Vancouver has to offer including, Stanley Park, Yaletown, Granville Island etc. You can get down at any of the places and then get back in after taking in the sights and continue your journey on the Vancouver Trolley.

When in Vancouver a visit to the Grouse Mountain is a must. You can enjoy the sights the year round here along with a wide range of activities like hiking in summer and skiing in winter. If you like to view bears in their natural habitat then you should visit Grouse Mountain.

Another major attraction in Vancouver is the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It is 136 metres in length and is around 23 feet above the river. The view from this bridge is breath-taking and people love to come and enjoy the wonderful views of the canyon below.

For the animal watchers Vancouver is a wonderful place. Apart from bear watching, in the summer months, whale watching is a great pastime for many people. You can watch whales and even seals and other animals.

So if you plan a trip to Vancouver you also need to understand the rules of entry into Canada. A new document is required to enter Canada known as the Electronic Travel Authorization or eTA. All passengers who visit or who pass through Canada in transit need to get this authorization. Getting the eTA Canada application online is a simple process. It is very easy and you can get to know whether you have the authorization within minutes of submitting the form. Always apply for an eTA at the early stages of your tour plan since the authorization is valid for 5 years. All citizens of US are exempt and do not require this authorization.

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