Top Travel Destinations Virginia

Top Travel Destinations Virginia

Barb and I still maintain a great relationship; and, some fifteen years or so after our divorce, my Barbadian ex-wife, during a long distance phone call, told me that she was the only wife I ever had. She did not explain; neither did I try to fathom what she meant.

And, so it was, in December 2001, that my Anguillian wife, two children – a boy nearly 7 and girl nearly 4 and a half – and I went to Disney World, Orlando, Florida, to treat ourselves to three full days of fun and excitement.

That Christmas season, my wife and I – quite unusually and unexpectedly – found ourselves with some extra cash; so, we impromptuly decided to treat ourselves and our two children to a cruise.

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We called the Disney Cruise line; and, a very friendly guy in the my bloging office took his time and explained everything. He answered our questions; and, set us up for our trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

He said that, if we liked – since we were from the Caribbean – he would my blog us into the Caribbean Beach Resort. It had sounded good to me and even a bit nostalgic – going from Anguilla straight to a Bajan village in Orlando, Florida. I had no clue of anything at the time; so, I looked at my wife and told her; and, she nodded in the affirmative.

The flight to Orlando went without a hitch; but, we missed the shuttle to the resort; so, we caught a taxi; and, enjoyed the drive. I think we paid the friendly guy US$50 for the near half hour drive.

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