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Do some grocery shopping for a time here sweet dreams from the hotel meeting Philippines which feel good today. So we do have plans to the afternoon. But I think we’re going to change them around to the inside stuff all right guys we’re now home I’ve just put the groceries away.

Map of New York Photo Gallery

So you have enough food for the week and. Because the stomach rainy we’re gonna go, and do a tour of the Rockefeller Center which is also not too sure if you’re a lot of post in there. But we shall see we have this path called the also called the New York explorer bus yes. So as Pascal the New York explorer passed, and we’ve got it where it’ll lets us go into five attractions we can choose from there’s like a list of 50 things that we can choose. So we’re looking, and one thing that we really want to do is to wear the Rockefeller Center seeing as we’re big fans of azules a third Rock from the Sun what’s the position. So we’re big fans of 30 rock, and we want to go check it out I know that they post seven alive, and News NBC that’s NBC yes it’s the whole TV station yeah family say that’s right we see, and the music anyway. So that’s what we gonna go do today I think we’re just gonna have some breakfast first even though it’s like lunchtime it’s 12:20 we had a bit of a sleeping.

Because New York is 3 hours ahead of Vancouver. So I guess we have like a little little tiny bit of jet lag. But um that’s what our plan is for tonight we’re having a moment yeah we’re just still walk-in to the Rockefeller fax it down yeah. So we just thought yeah, and we’re told that they don’t do that me doing the twist for a year, and a half, and I won’t be back til September. So I don’t know what we’re gonna do now I think we should go, and hang out in time spread you know look in all the stores let’s be true one time for your business you can take it to make don’t get me everything we depressed angry, and annoyed Timmy’s is not the same yeah it is more expensive we might as well go to stop see me we loved if your prices your prices I think ladies just do all the touristy things in times forever we had to come to the eminence look at all behind you you know what’s your favorite flavor peanut yeah that rainbow ones really annoying me it’s like all nice, and then there’s annoying where everyone stop all right guys we’re walking around Times Square, and I was heading back to the apartment it was really built in today. So you know alright guys we’ve had some lunch we have done some work it is now seven o’clock seven o’clock Drew’s having a nap. So we told him we’ll leave him have enough we’re gonna go out, and take some photos got a little intermission, and we’re going yeah, and then we’ll work away from that hey guys.

So we’re here in Times Square sorry it took a second how it is to get through time sweat, and story mini run through some like back or y streets to look around yeah you can go to a nice quiet place, I’m not into it great great. So guys we forgot to charge the batteries all three are dead. So we’re ending the night a bit earlier and, I’m gonna put some stuff on charge yeah, and we still have more work to do I just want to try, and get it all done. So we can have like a really big crazy day to marry me yeah we’re thinking of hitting like a lot of the highlights were like Statue of Liberty, and checking out buildings getting some iconic photos of me oh yeah. So we’re gonna have an early start tomorrow which will be good. But yeah he wants to walk back to our room now which means we have to look through Times Square again which is great maybe we can find a long way around or something yeah yes it is currently midnight, and we have forgotten in the post we’ve been working all night. So we can I was noticed by the way in the post.

So we always like a file out always like it’s nice, and we’re going to bed anyway it is a way to be like Megan’s shenanigans alright. So we’re gonna go to bed, and we’re gonna hopefully wake up early that’s what we say, I’m really hoping we do. Because we have a lot of things we want to do, and when there was short time here in York clear we you need to go to bed. So goodnight guys, and we will see you tomorrow bye guys.

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