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Welcome to Moscow, Russia! Guys and girls, we’re in Russia, and exploring Moscow for the next few days and this is our first stop. It is the U point up on Sparrow Hill, overlooking all the city of Moscow. We’re going to for one, we took the wrong Metro station to get here, but we’re kind of gonna do our own little tour of Moscow. Figure it out. Welcome to the Red Square here in Moscow! Now, the Red Square is the main central square here in Moscow, with festivals, demonstrations, parades, you name it. It has become more of a central gatherings place for all Mosconians Moscownians, Musconites, Moscanites? It’s actually home to the Kremlin, which is behind that red wall behind me that is where the government of Russia is, the president. It’s also home to St. Basil’s Cathedral, that magnificent building over there; The State Museum, which has the history of Russia. We have the GUM, which is this huge building here, which is the most popular Department store in Russia it’s just a magnificent building. So, right now we’re inside St. Basil’s Cathedral I’m gonna go look around at some of the artwork and amaaaazing decorations inside! (Beautiful Russian song) In Russia, they know how to do Department stores! They certainly do. This is beautiful. This place is unreal.

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It’s huge! I know. And very fancy. Very fancy. I feel it’s out of my price range. Upstairs is the Food court. That’s in that That’s where we’ll go! All right, let’s see, it’s a Morozheno? Morozheno. (Morozhenoe) There is many ice-cream places and this one has got a huge line-up just like the rest. So, we found some dairy-free sorbet. Mango, Strawberry. It wasn’t the Moche peo(???). It was Bosso caffee. Cause Bosso caffee had no dairy. Also twice the price, but worth it. So, now we’re going to hop onto the Moscow Metro. Which, guys and gals, I hope you’re excited for. Where we’re going? Arbat Street? The Moscow Mes no, the Moscow Metro! Yeah, but where we’re taking it to? The Moscow Metro! All the stops with stars on them are the stations that are beautiful and worth taking photos in, and then the other ones are just kind of our sightseeing plan. We’re about to hop onto the Moscow Metro system, which is the largest and busiest Metro system in Europe and fifth largest in the world. It’s a pretty spectacular Metro system and you are going to see why. But first, let’s go hop on our train and explore some of the stations! We’re at Novoslobodskaya: as you can see, it is famous for its stain glass panels. These are some of the amazing stain glass panels of on-line the station.

I am literally standing on this photo spot. It has told me that I need to stand on the selfie spot. See, the metro knows. This is Tverskaya station, it is beautiful! I am loving all of the various lighting in the Metro station, there is so much light. It’s still so airy and bright. Although loud! It is it is quite loud. Well that was the cheapest sightseeing that I’ve ever taken: 75 cents to enter the Metro! Right now, we are walking through Arbat street, it’s a pedestrial lane zone here in Moscow; it’s quite long actually, it’s a very long street. It kind of leads from like Red Square area, there are a ton of like restaurants and cafes that you can eat at outside, and a whole bunch of souvenir shops. What??!? Hold on. What is this: a Canadian Pizza Company? Canadian Pizza? Yeah. Where was that? There’s a Canadian Pizza Restaurant. What’s Canadian pizza? I don’t know! I didn’t realize Canadians had like a pizza thing. Is this just like poutine on top? Maple syrup flavored maybe? Canadian bacon? I’ve never seen so many pigeons before in my life! Beef cabbage rolls! -Beef cabbage rolls? Beef cabbage rolls. Russian style.

Just stopped off for a quick lunch here on Arbat Street. And I got myself a little varenyky, which are these dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms. But I’ve had them earlier, when we first got in, but they are delicious! Varenyky! That’s a Russian word for it. Here I got dumplings and with some fried onions on top, yam yam yam! I think it is But, can I eat that? It’s green. What is that? I actually have no idea. Behind me is one of the seven sisters of the Stalinistic Skyscrapers here in Moscow: there are seven of these skyscrapers built in the Stalinistic style all around Moscow, and this one is actually the Moscow State University. All right, so we’re touring Izmailovo, which is kind of like a word like a marketplace. Where you can buy a bunch of souvenirs, and we’re going to get a lunch, cause we are very very hungry. All right, my friends, into the Red Wall we go. It’s Kremlin day. We just got through the air treads and we are currently walking through various buildings, learning very quickly where we can and cannot go. We can’t really go over there. That is the armory and that is the Senate, there’s several guards there, so staying in those areas are no goes! But we are making our way over to the Cathedrals for, I believe, are go goes. First sight we stumble upon is this Tsar cannon: it is one of the largest and oldest cannons in the world.

It was casted in 1586 and it weighs 40 tons. Fourty tons! Next up, we have the Tsar bell, which is the largest bell in the world, it weighs 202 tons. It was casted abroad in 1733 to 1735. It’s had a lot of misfortunes over the years, a lot of bad luck in the building of it, including this 11-ton chunk that broke off of the bell. Next up, my friends, is the Cathedral Square which, as you guessed it, is full of Cathedrals. This one is the Annunciation Cathedral: it is the home church of Moscow’s great princes and later the Russian Tsars. Archangel’s Cathedral, Patriarch’s palace and Church of the Twelve Apostles. They weren’t getting around here. This is literally a Square of Cathedrals. All right. So, now we are in the Secret gardens inside the Kremlin Walls. We’re almost finished our Kremlin visit: as you can see, now we have the whole overview of the Kremlin area: we’ve escaped from the Cathedral Square behind me and then Spasskaya tower. That is all I am able to show you, cause there is actually a lot more buildings in here, but you can’t actually go in them, and then there’s the Armory which is the Museum, but you can’t post in there, so Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little snippet of the Kremlin!.

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