Exploring The Old City of Jerusalem

Hey everybody welcome back to Israel we’re in Tel Aviv at the central train station. But we’re actually not catching a train we’re about to go jump on a public bus that’s going to take us up to Jerusalem as we saw the sights here in Tel Aviv, and we thought we’d come to Israel we need to go, and explore Jerusalem. So it’s going to go jump on a bus it’s like 20 past five, and they run apparently every 10 15 20 minutes his bus is actually quite nice yeah welcome to Jerusalem everybody is gonna catch another tram, and then we’ll be at our hostel welcome to Jerusalem Bobby. So guys were saying here to Abraham hostiles we actually stated them in tel-aviv, and it was quite nice we thought we would show you our room we got a private room which was super nice to be breakfast whole, and they have like activities that all the guests do together, and stuff yeah that’s quite like we annual for our hostel which is good, I’m gonna jump in the shower then I think we’re gonna run downstairs, and find sandwich. Because hungry, and tomorrow, I’m gonna go, and explore Jerusalem all day see we’re starting a post. So late in the day.

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But I really wanted to show you guys like how easy it is just to catch like a bus from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem now that it’s the morning I can actually show you a sneak peak to Jerusalem. So today we’re going on a four-day to our Jerusalem, and I was so excited to see that area I don’t even know what to expect Hey everybody welcome back to Jerusalem we’re going on a full tour today. But we’re coming to a market place, and I’ve tried for about 10 minutes to pronounce this place, and as I think it’s mechana Judith Lanier Yoda spot like Judah that’s why I keep saying it like that. But we’re gonna need a start our day with a bit of a snack falafel sounds good thank you this marketplace is open for trade in the morning fish of everything down, and almonds in terms of a night scene in the meantime I can get myself you get myself check it out maybe later tonight to see what the scene it’s actually super hot today I think around Israel to having these up here, and the fans is actually super thank you we’re coming to a store that need a peanut butter Indiana Jones marketplace gotta have a good coffee rakia thanks so much for the coffee from Melbourne as well we all know the best coffees from Melvin is of course it wouldn’t be a market if they didn’t have the yarmulkes here however the powers to get one I want the Pikachu on lunch spot for the day normally wouldn’t point out a road oh crap it’s gone red. But up until 1967 this was the border of Jordan. So Jordan was here Israel’s there you can even see some bullet holes in that building over there from when the snipers were kind of battling.

Because there was a war that was going on here. But the course is now still or Israeli land we can see the old city just over there, and that’s gonna be our main exploration spot for today RIT guys we’re about to walk into old city Jerusalem we’re coming through the Jaffa Gate if you are interested, and this city is over 4,000 years old. So there’s like 2,000 years before Christ well didn’t expect to find some like quiet corridors through you expecting. So many people. But, I’m sure when we go in a bit further it’s gonna it’s gonna pick up the way that they’ve designed this we’ve actually gone up some stairs, and walking it on the rooftops of Jerusalem at the moment it’s like we’ve completely skipped all the crowds, and we’re just walking above everyone at the moment you can see the Dome of the rock just over there this is so fascinating. So, I’m not sure if you guys know.

But. Because this is such an epicenter for religion there are different quarters throughout old Jerusalem which we’re going to walk through is the Muslim Quarter right next to that is the Christian quarter, and this is a perfect example of it. So we’ve got your Christian Church right here, and just over there a Muslim mosque. So this is the Christian quarter here, and then behind that back going back is there is the Muslim mob, and then if you see down here you can see the Jewish workers you can see the synagogue wow this is like such a good angle to see all of them we call the present. So we’re now walking into the Jewish quarter which is super interesting part. So like in Jerusalem they just built on top of the old cities. So like just say when they got conquered they just built on top of it, and where we are right now, I’m standing on rock that is 2,000 years old like a road just here, and I want to show you this example did you have a look at this is the road, and these are actually shops from 2000 years ago as you can see they just built on it, and then built on it again while we’re underground at the moment according to the level of the city in 2018 we’ve taken ourselves to another rooftop to see the views oh wow I’ve come to a rooftop it possibly the best view of Jerusalem sizing team that the Wailing Wall just over here we’ve got the Dome of the rock right here.

So interesting. So this is a mosque as well, and then we’re going to go down there a bit later, and tell you more about the Wailing Wall. But this is super super important, and super religious for the Jewish people. But Wow the view of Jerusalem from up here is absolutely incredible it’s about to enter into the Muslim Quarter just through these gates here this marketplace is fascinating you just tell is like such a difference between the two quarters. So like underground is actually got a nice temperature in here it’s almost like it’s air-conditioning itself it walk through here the entire time also good in here it is grinded up some coffee flavors this is just like put together some beans everything in the grinder into their freshmen shop all righty guys they’re coming to one of the last stops of this we’ve kind of saved one of the most important stops for last. Because this is where most Christians, and most archeologists believe that this is where Jesus was crucified then also buried of course this happened 2,000 years ago. Because in the Bible was crucified on a hill, and this was actually outside of the old city of Jerusalem.

But now 2,000 years later they’ve built churches churches have gone down they’ve rebuilt all these things. So it looks different than when he would have been crucified. So it’s in a church called the holy separable church this is it now, and we’re gonna go inside we’re gonna see like the spot where is crucified the spot where they wrapped him up in cloth, and of course he’s tomb, and I’ve seen pictures of the tomb, and it looks absolutely amazing it’s always mind-blowing being at such a religious spot like whether you believe it or not I like my family are like Christian as well. So the like if my mom, and dad were here they’re probably a little bit jealous sorry mom, and dad that we’re here you guys need to come out here, and see it yeah whether you believe it or not it’s still such an important place to come, and see this is the church here. So this mosaic pretty much explains everything that I need to tell you. So if you have a look here this is where he was crucified, and this is the starring this is meant to be the stone where they wrap Jesus in his cloth like climb some quite steep steep steps to get up Wow this roof the mosaic that they’ve used to construct it is absolutely breathtaking this is where the cross was placed where Jesus was crucified this is a very holy place, and people are lining up, and going in, and I think you see wow I’ve actually had to put some of the rock behind glass. Because people are stealing it.

But this whole just here is where they believe where the cross was placed right here, and as you can see they put it behind some glass where the rock was or the hill where the three crosses were placed as people kept stealing it. So they’ve had to hide it away, and then they built the church around it well you can to see people like marked crosses on the walls there’s so many throughout all righty said this is Jesus’s tomb I’ve seen incredible photos looking down on here Jess wasn’t allowed in. Because her dress was too short my shorts were too short. But I managed it would like her what a jumper a javelin. But then I walked in in the rebel camera. But otherwise it was really amazing to see anyway I think it was probably good just to put the camera down. So I could just take it all the info it’s amazing just to see it yeah, and the room that they’ve built around it’s just this itself needs to be seen in person it’s just wow, and in the room in there it’s really small, and then you go into another even smaller room the Sun is set.

So all the marketplaces are shut up it’s so interesting to see it during the night it’s just empty it’s actually quite a beautiful time to be walking around Jerusalem there’s all the tools at left everyone’s kind of closed up, and there’s like a little quiet in the Jewish culture today is Valentine’s Day happy Valentine’s Day Bobby’s calendar on the Jewish calendar you know, and we’re going to or the Wailing Wall you guys probably know more us, and it is so busy probably. Because everyone’s everyone’s coming in trying to get the Valentine’s Day messages with interesting buck we’re coming up to the Wailing Wall now in 70 AD there was a church here, and it got destroyed thank you you’re gonna know where’s your one yep, I’m gonna do it you have to do it amazing thank you this is actually the men’s side the women aren’t allowed to be here they’ve got a different brain station as well. So there was a church here, and it’s 70 AD it was destroyed. So the Ark of the Covenant which you probably know from the Indiana Jones or that’s where the Ten Commandments were kept. So it very religious the temple that held it is now destroyed this wall is the last remains this is a very religious audience. So you can come here it’s so interesting to be here this time when you finish praying here you can leave a note just in the wall this is the Psalms handwritten Wow you know what time it is what time is it it’s almost time all righty it it’s now completely empty except for our shadows it’s really cool to walk around Jerusalem here at night this is actually I think the best time to walk around.

But you can enjoy it, I’m gonna go get some hummus then the reserve we’ve come to Ben see right you guys were interested the hummus baba. So many you can get like chickpeas, and get falafels, and get mushrooms like a bean that’s the chickpea not sure little.

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