Hey everyone how you guys doing today honey hello we are in Zurich Switzerland if you didn’t get that. But yes we are going to go explore, and show you all of Switzerland there’s some nice old towns we’re gonna go take the drawing ups on a hill, and we’re gonna see swatches okay yeah.

But first of all we need food. So we’re gonna go for breakfast how does that sound let’s do it Oh jeez koffie koffie time oh gosh perfect, and let’s milk it up oh yes please thank you mmm all right guys just iron my jumper I don’t remember the last time I use what are you guys doing seriously oh we found a spot no no I can see you found a spot that’s what you are nice oh look up there I want to go out there hello people how’s the rig all right guys we’re gonna go now all righty guys first stop of the day is during Old Town which is the old town Missouri sorry from above yes sir that’s the hill place, I’m talking to about I think I think El Banco yes we’re going to go check at Old Town which is usually our favorite parts of the city it’s where the town started there’s two really cool churches there as well check that out Oh. So – on our way towards old town we’ve just come across this beautiful card spot it’s like a little supposes a gravel carp. But some benches, and there’s a beautiful view of Zurich sorry guys really cute streets here in whole town like turn your head left, and it’s produce right, and there’s another the bells gone Chacho it’s human there’s another choice directly behind it as well. So we just walk through a part of old town it is absolutely beautiful the city is so clean it feels. So safe I feel like we’re the only tourists like, I’m looking around, and usually when we come to these sections it’s crowded with tourists, and you know you can tell in this tourist.

COME EXPLORE ZURICH Switzerland Photo Gallery

But everyone just looks like they’re from Zurich, and we’re currently just came to the river here that’s one of the famous churches that everyone talks about that’s on one side of the river, and then there’s another one on this side. But I don’t know where it is at the moment I think I want to go down yeah, and get a shot of the bridge of that bridge yeah can you go down there I think is gated off um alright let’s go down the area is so beautiful we’ve just been walking down the waterfront, and this promotional photo spots on both sides of the river. So you keep like jumping in between. But now we are heading back to the hotel room, and we’re going to get our drone. Because there’s this hill on the top of Zurich, and you can go really beautiful views of the city. So we’re gonna go pick it up take it out, and hopefully get some awesome shots as want some behind-the-scenes wood flying ministers like it’s mostly just me back here team photos and, I’m having a good old yarn over there look at that beautiful view, and we have found our look it’s all glistening mmm we found a love lock bridge, and it goes all the way down we wanted some cups, and we got all the sources in hotel I don’t know why.

But if you go Bob’s thank you is there thanks that’s great guys we thought the river area looks. So nice we’re going to take the drone out there, and see if we can do it there was a couple of trams, and trains. So hopefully there’s no interference. But I looked it up, and other people have used the drone. So is it yoga it’s just the type of drawing we have that’s making it not work some of them are using the next model up some are using the next model down, and they were working the owl drone working okay I hope it is this how this is meant to be mmm no no I think this is meant to be folded up isn’t it, I’m sorry that’s gonna even into your beanies lately. Because you need a hair cuz I need a heck are not getting one here though. So expensive yeah oh also wait we tell them tonight where we’re going next you plan the rest of our Europe trip we’re never one wait we need twelve days left here in Europe Oh days left oh all these like twists, and turns appearing then we’ll clear no more clear in a more year.

So you guys need to guess what location we’re going to new after Europe you’re going to a new continent another continent, and you might see Clio in that continent maybe maybe. But you might be meeting us at that continent yeah she goes home she goes home, and no we’re not going Horace it’s not Australia just in case you’re thinking we’re going home we ain’t going home yet mm-hmm oh no we want to make it the whole 12 months after this we have two more months until we can say, and then traveling for 12 months straight yeah are you ready to go madam we’re gonna take the dirt oh don’t take turn out now oh yeah come show them just putting nothing while we were gone someone decided to put Christmas lights outside our window. So they are there before I swear that we’re not there what are their before I can’t even remember now I think they were their birthday okay I can’t even remember please to the fun fact watch the fun packs hello little Swan little duckies sorry cool tapes of them look at all more down there we’ve just come down to Lake Zurich, and we are setting up the drawing now we’re hoping that the tram system isn’t going to be in the way. But aren’t always easy it is always isn’t it that’s the one thing that I think they’d like hopefully a software update might calm or something or it’s not. So like it’s really sensitive to it or anything yeah I understand yeah such nice weather we found like our own little private spot here little indent here that we can sit up don’t actually a little bit stressful flying the drone a little a little bit’s just a little. But we just heard a lot of light police call he passed, and then we were like are we allowed to be posting this, I’m allowed to be flying this, I’m not sure. But we did it anyway, and I got stress.

Because I thought Stephen was gonna crash the drone do you think this such thing is too much coffee now it’s my turn to give you the coffee thank you yummy that looks good who says having an espresso machine, I’m good that’s a good end you did a good one it is like 11 o’clock at night and, I’ll be doing work. But these two little Madam’s I should probably keep my voice down have passed out with like a mess a trail got black food snacks iPad they binge watched the latest season or whatever it is of the Bachelorette, and the Jess was like oh my gosh I remember how good season 1 of The Bachelor was she’s like I love the couple. So then she made clear watch a one, and a half hour segment of her favorite person on The Bachelor, and just the scenes of her just cut out of order just all her scenes for an hour, and a half, and now look at them they’ve just passed out in my bed and, I’m probably gonna have to go to Cleo’s bed anyway. So I better end the post tonight and, I’ll tell you as promised where we’re going. So the rest of Europe is now planned booked in we’ve got our final accommodations this morning tomorrow we’re catching a train to Lake Como, and yes everyone we tell them we’re going to Lake Como is that George Clooney has a house there. So if you didn’t know George Clooney has a house makeover yeah. But yeah we’re going there for two nights Lake Como we’re going to Venice after Venice we’re making our way towards Florence, and then we’ll be ending our time in Europe in Rome, and as we said earlier we’d love for you guys to guess where we’re going next we’re going to a new can you guys keep it down back there actually Fievel anyway.

So yeah guess where we’re going we’re going to a brand new continent leave it in the comments below, and we’ll tell you close to the date if you go you guys are interrupting my cider what are you doing hmm whatever you want to dress you want to say good night Jess oh good night guys bye.

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