Everybody loves a good road trip including myself and. I’ve done dozens of them. So for this post.

I’ve teamed up with Ford to teach, you how to plan a road trip an epic road trip. So, you can enjoy a stress-free way of hitting the road. So our first thing we have to do is we need to pick the vision to find the goals of the road trip the purpose we are trying to achieve is that going to be distance destination or budget distance being the most spots covered in our allotted time frame destination which is all the awesome things we want to achieve.

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And visit on our trip or budget which is kind of the best of both worlds, but under the constraint of a budget once you’ve picked your overall vision, you could then plan your route accordingly step 2 choosing the route now we’ve got our vision in mind there are two things we need to think about scenic versus efficient some things to think about what are your must visit destinations write them down. And kind of plan around how long, you want to spend there sometimes, you might need to do the more efficient route to get to that destination quicker. So, you could spend more time there if you’re budgeting however the way is this activity or stop that you’re going to go see because that takes time.

And that takes money gas stops, you might need to spend an extra night at a hotel if you are wanting to see some really cool spots how much of your budget are, you going to spend going out there keep an eye out for weather. And topography your graphical map that tells, you the elevations of where, you are driving because sometimes on paper just looking at a flat map one destination or one route might look a lot shorter or quicker, but in all reality it could be snow it could be wet it could be not-so-great paved roads they could be windy. And that takes a lot more time.

So if distance is your vision then keep an eye out for that how much time, you want to spend outside the car again if your goal is destination then you’re probably going to want to spend quite a bit because that is the point of the road trip to get. And see as many things as possible. So make sure, you a lot enough for that driving through cities versus around cities overpopulation.

And congestion. And big cities makes it difficult for people to get around which is something to keep in mind when planning your road trip over the past few years Ford has been creating mobility solutions that make it easier to get around crowded cities. And they invited me to autumn ability la to learn all about it welcome to the LA Auto Show the perfect place to pick out a vehicle for our road trip because there are literally hundreds of vehicles to choose from.

So let’s go through some of the basics some things to look for when selecting your vehicle for your road trip electric vehicles choosing a Ford electric vehicle is an environmentally friendly solution something to consider when driving long distances on a road trip. So when considering an electric vehicle for your road trip, you need to look at the different types electric vehicles. And choose the one that suits your needs there are three different types.

So there are hybrid plug-in hybrids. And all-electric now with hybrid. And plug-in hybrid vehicles these are great for road trips because, you can use the electric or, you can use gas now the electric battery in the hybrid.

And the plug-in hybrid will charge itself automatically when, you are driving the vehicle. So when, you are braking or you’re going downhill, it’s automatically recharging the battery. So, you don’t have to plug it in the hybrid doesn’t have a plug-in at all.

So you’ll never have to plug it in. So just by driving you’re charging up the battery. And then if you run out of electric, you also the option for gas now the plug-in hybrid gives, you the option of being able to plug in the car, but also charge a battery as you’re driving.

I mean, this is really cool. So if, it’s only going to be, you on the road trip what. I recommend is getting a four-door vehicle.

I don’t recommend anything less than a four-door vehicle like a two-door just because even though you’re only like yourself or one other person with, you you still want to have the option of the space the space, you can put groceries or stuff on you’re not using in the backseat or, you might pick up friends along the way 90 Tigers, but friends might meet friends along the way on your trip. And then, you at least have space for them. So this one is a sedan as, you can see your trunk space is like such, you do have a pretty deep trunk space, but, it’s not that great for odd shaped items so.

I prefer hatchbacks for the trunk space because a hatchback opens like. So not as deep of a trunk space, but is far more practical for odd shaped items because it gives, you all of the room in the back seat. So, you can fit like any kind of sporting goods or more differently shaped packages or luggage that you’re gonna bring with, you.

I’m making these vehicles might be just don’t wee bit small, you pull one something a little bit bigger for your road trip a little bit more trunk space again probably want something with a little bit more trunk space just a wee bit make sure, you look out for if your vehicle has all-wheel versus front-wheel or having the proper tires, you are venturing out onto less desirable or less weather inclined roads oh my god a good danger, but probably not practical for most road trips check your vehicle. So once you’ve decided on a vehicle before, you leave for any longer or more rugged road trip, you should have a mechanic look over your car’s fluid levels oil brakes or anything else that needs to be checked up with just in case for any length trip make sure, you have a spare tire. And the necessary tools to change that tire such as a tire iron or a tire jack just the case, you need to actually change your vehicle’s tire the next step is packing your vehicle.

So. I’m going to go through some of the essentials the first group of essentials is safety. And survival first things first our first aid kit flashlight a multi-tool duct tape, it’s really handy.

I mean like really matches or a lighter energy bars water bottle a physical map. And a GPS now all the safety is out of the way comfort. And convenience because we’re going to be in a car for a very long period of time toilet paper tissues some paper towels to clean up messes cleaning wipes pen.

And paper. And umbrella spare change for parking. And a USB battery pack.

So, you can charge your phones on the road chopping or plastic bags. And a blanket for keeping warm sitting sleeping or using as a blanket at the beach. And last our winter kit if you just.

So happen to be traveling or road tripping during winter time. So making sure, you have winter ready tires or winter tires. And ice scraper a spare blankets for extra warm chains just in case if you’re going into heavy snow territory.

And a spare piece of carpet which, you can place under your tires. And use this traction if your vehicle gets tough. And lasts making sure we pack the proper documentation such as insurance making sure our car is insured for the various conditions that we will be driving it through visas or passports or any other documentation if you’re crossing international borders on our road trip.

And our car manual Plus ami repair information that we need while on the road most of the stuff, you should be already taken care of, but it never hurts to double check before, you head out on the road. So there, you go all the things, you need to know to plan an epic awesome road trip for yourself thank you so much for reading this post.

I really hope, you enjoyed it if you did please give it a thumbs up. And let me know down below in the comments what epic road trips you’ve been on or planning to do alright happy road trippin bye well now that we’ve learned how to plan a road trip. I’m hitting the road with a new Ford plug-in hybrid for part two how to survive that road trip.

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