Best Travel Destinations Brazil

Best Travel Destinations Brazil

We have not yet truly begun to live, if we have never traveled! Rather, we are like babies in our mother’s wombs; goldfish swimming around in a glass bowl; chickens in an egg; or, eaglets in their mother’s nest.

We each have to emerge from our respective places where we feel safe and comfortable; and, enter into the big, unknown world around us, each according to our own will power and strengths and weaknesses that we inherited through our DNA.

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We were born to travel; for, each one of us is like the sperm that either swims to fertilise the female egg; or, dies without having achieved its true purpose for living.

It’s through travel that we truly grow and develop and become the best that we can be. Our birth enrolls us into the university of the world which molds and shapes us; brings out our real potential as human beings; and, educates us to become citizens of the world as we ought to be, if we are to care about Mother Earth and the brotherhood of Man.

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