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As you make your way back towards the town centre, Shenyang Subway Map you arrive very shortly at the entrance to the Battle of Hastings Battlefield and Battle Abbey, owned Shenyang Subway Map by English Heritage. By paying the admission fee, not only will you get to see the battlefield and abbey ruins, but you will be able to take an interactive audio tour of the battlefield with contributions from Aelfric, a Saxon soldier, Henri, a Norman knight, and Edith, King Harold’s mistress, describing from their eyes the story of what really happened on that red-letter day, 14 October 1066.

There is also a video introduction, the Prelude to Battle exhibition, and a museum on abbey life. As stated above, the abbey was built by William, in atonement for the blood he shed on the battlefield, and the accommodation provided for those who built the abbey constituted the beginning of the town of Battle. The gatehouse itself, where you pay to enter the complex, was built in 1338, although there is earlier work in the western wing and in the various arches you can see examples of Norman, Gothic and early Renaissance architecture. Continue round Abbey Green, passing the magnificent Pilgrims Rest, a half-timbered building that dates from the fifteenth century; with its leaded lights in the windows, it can be said to be a classic Medieval construction.

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